INTERVIEW: The Native Sibling

– Can you tell us more about the story behind your track ¨The Fall¨?

Our track “The Fall” is the first song we have released since our debut album late last year. We went back in the studio with the same producer, Daniel Mendez, while on tour to work on some new material we had written since our album release. We feel like this track has elements of our previous songs but is a nice progressive step for us in the sense of lyrics and arrangement. I’m excited to see how it falls into place as a stepping stone to new songs we put out next year.

– Did any event in particular inspire the song?

It’s a personal song, as we look at people around us and observe what can often be holding people back. The way we can observe patterns in people that are close friends or family. Understanding desire within a person and feeling the need to help them reach this immediate goal.  There is not one event in particular that this song harkens to, but rather a culmination of a few instances that stood out to me. I had a few friends in this place at once and when I realized the similarity in the situations the lyrics started to take shape.

-How was the film experience?

The film experience was very different form our past videos. the biggest difference being that this is our first music video that does not focus on a performance from us. Every other video we have made features ourselves and though that is a fun direction we wanted to get more creative with this one. Justin Koleszar directed and produced  the video, featuring Alina Phillips as the main character. This was a very hands-off video for us, putting the focus on Justin’s creative interpretation of the song.

– The single comes off your new material Letter Kept To Ourselves – what´s the story behind the title?

Letters Kept to Ourselves is actually our previous record, the single has been released after and separately.

The title of our full length album Letters Kept to Ourselves is a very direct statement about how this record was lyrically written. Kaylee and I both wrote the beginnings of these songs separately. We only brought songs to the table for each other to hear if we could get it to a listenable point by ourselves. All the songs ended up being a co-write in the end, as we would pick each others best songs and move forward with them together. It ended up being a great way for us to filter down the 25 songs we had written into a 10 song album, choosing only what we felt was the best fit.

-How was the recording and writing process?

We recorded this song with the same producer we used for our album, Daniel Mendez. He has a great studio in a turn of the century industrial warehouse on the docks of Brooklyn. It’s a very unique location that we have grown to love and our workflow and honest friendship with Daniel had led us back there again. We had not completely finished the song before we went to the studio this time, letting in some spontaneous effort that was a really enjoyable feeling.

Kaylee I and followed the same vocal process we found to work best on our album. Putting 2 mic’s in a room and singing the song together and live. You don’t see many people doing this anymore as it makes tuning the vocals after using auto-tune impossible. We realized very early on that we’d much rather have a live vocal take and spend some time getting that right than having perfectly tuned vocals done separately. They aren’t perfect, but they are real.

-Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics on this record? Are they all based on personal struggles and experiences?

The lyrics for all of our songs are from personal experience. We don’t always play ourselves in the song, using another fictional character to live the story but the story always stems from our experience. A lot of conversations with friends, family, and strangers all influenced the album heavily. Before this band begun I had spend the better part of 3 years on the road with other bands so I had a lot to pull from.

-Any plans to hit the road?

We have done a lot of touring this year and we plan to do more beginning of next year as well. We are also spending a lot of time during the Seattle winter to write new songs. When it’s dark outside so much its a great place to be in our basement studio working on new material.

– What else is happening next in The Native Sibling´s world?

We are currently working to record a new album. I can’t say exactly when it will be in motion or released but we are aiming to put out some new music this next year and we are really looking forward to it. Writing and recording is a really rewarding process for us and we are excited to share it with you soon.

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