INTERVIEW: Newcomer Bridget McGarry Talks About #HORROR‏, Imagine Dragons, Bullying & More

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Song River: Imagine Dragons fan, really? Me too! Have many times have you seen them now in concert?  What others bands do you like to listen to, and what is on your top ten music list you must have?

Imagine Dragons is my favorite band! I’ve seen them once in concert this past June. It was FANTASTIC! I went with my two best friends and we were second row! We had general admission tickets so we had to wait in the rain for hours, but it was worth it! I also listen to Halsey, X Ambassadors, Saint Motel, and The Moth & The Flame!

These are my top ten favorite songs! (Not in any particular order)

Amsterdam by Imagine Dragons

Young and Unafraid by The Moth & The Flame

New Americana by Halsey

Selene by Imagine Dragons

Smoke and Mirrors by Imagine Dragons

I Was Me by Imagine Dragons

Polaroid by Imagine Dragons

The Fall by Imagine Dragons

Summer by Imagine Dragons

Dream by Imagine Dragons

SR: In your family are the arts a shared source of entertainment? 

I like to go to plays, movies and museums with my two sisters and my parents! We always like to get out and do things together!

SR: It would seem your likes are quite diverse- from sports, music, comic books, etc… this must leave very little room for the words, “I am bored.” 

Yeah! I feel like I need activities to keep me busy otherwise I wouldn’t know what to do with myself! I like to be involved and really do as much as I can!

SR: How long have you been running cross-country?  And do you find it to be that outlet to release tension, as you schedule is heavy.

I’ve been doing sports for pretty much my whole life, and when I quit soccer I didn’t really know what to do so I turned to running. I started Cross Country this year and it really helps me unwind after a long day. I LOVE it! The girls on the team are so nice and supportive.

SR: I read you are an avid comic book reader as well.  Do you have a favorite series or is just pick out what ‘feels’ like a good read?  Comic books of course always lead to attending Comic Cons- which is a great thing!  Have you been able to attend the New York Comic Con as of yet?  If so, do you participate in Cosplay (dressing up as a character when attending comic cons)?  Do you have a favorite artist or writer? And have you been able to meet them personally?

I really like to pick out comic books based on my favorite characters like Spider-Man and Captain America. I’ve been going to the New York Comic Con for the past three years! I’ve cosplayed every year, the first as Black Widow, then Gamora, and this year as a girl Han Solo! It’s always so much fun making the costume and wearing it at the con! The first year I actually had the chance to meet Stan Lee! He was so nice and I have a signed Spider-Man poster which we framed at home! Last year I met Stephen Amell from Arrow! It’s my favorite TV show so I was completely starstruck!

SR: It would seem this new movie you’re in #HORROR almost might fit into the ‘film’ production end of Comic Cons.  That would be super cool if something like that connected- as gaming is a huge part of comic cons too- plus being able to tie in the #NOBULLYING aspect of cyber bulling as a tag along message.  

We actually were at the IFC booth on the Saturday at NYCC talking about the movie and cyber bullying! We also walked around, met people and promoted the movie!

SR: Bullying has always been around.  Of course it used to be more isolated, but with the advent of the internet, the world connections are wider and broader for things like this to occur.  Have you ever been bullied yourself Bridget?  Or been around someone who was?  What did you do? How did it make you feel?

I actually have been bullied. In fifth and sixth grade I was bullied by the popular boys and girls in the grade. It was terrible and I was so upset because of it. After filming the movie, I didn’t let them bother me anymore because I know that I’m just being myself and I shouldn’t let them stop me from doing what I want to do!

SR: The plot line around #HORROR pretty much typifies real life. How hard was it for you to step into your character and then withdraw yourself from it on a daily basis while filming? 

It was hard, but I visualized a combination of the mean girls at my school, along with some other characteristics that I came up with. I started getting into character a while before I shot a scene. Sometimes by going into a room by a room by myself, and going online shopping (but not actually buying anything lol).

SR: Did you find that the movie overall impacted your thinking at all?

Definitely! I’ve become more aware of cyber bullying and how much of it takes place in real life. Before the movie, I had no idea that it went on this much.

SR: Select theaters and VOD have been the chosen vessel to release #HORROR.  The public’s choice in where and when and even how they watch movies, television, play games, listen to music has exploded during your lifetime.  When you listen to ‘old timers’ talk about the early days of MTV or when there was only the choice of going to a movie theater or renting a VHS tape a year or so after the movie was released… it must may you go WOW!  

Yeah! It’s really kind of crazy to think about! I literally watch all of my movies in theaters or on Apple TV so it’s really hard to think of a world without Netflix and streaming!

SR: In a very short amount of time- our technology certainly has exploded.  Where do you want to fit in as an actress as you move forward into the 21st Century Bridget? 

I would love to do movies and TV shows on all formats! As long as I’m acting and doing what I love it doesn’t really matter to me! I also want to be able to do everything! Dramas, comedy, action movies and every genre in between! I want people to see me and think of my performances and characters and not just me as an actress.

SR: Lastly Bridget.  It’s your weekend. What do you and your friends and or family do to just chill out and cut loose together? Describe that perfect weekend night that it just all clicks.

I would probably want to just hang out on my couch, order pizza, eat ice cream and watch an awesome movie with my friends and family!



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