INTERVIEW: Michael Remesi

Hi Michael, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

“I am great, thanks for asking. I am super excited to team up with VENTS Magazine to discuss the release of my new music. This is definitely an honor and look forward to a great relationship with you guys down the road.”

Can you tell us more about the story behind your track ¨1 4 U¨?

“The story behind ‘1 4 U,’ is pretty simple. It’s a fun and flirty track about wanting to be with someone that’s not physically and/or emotionally available to you. So, in this track I describe my obsession and desire to be with this person and why I need to convince them that I am ‘the one.’”

Did any event in particular inspire the song?

“There definitely was an event that inspired this song and set the tone for the majority of the EP, LOL. I was involved (long-distance) with someone that wasn’t physically and emotionally available to me. In fact, up until now, no one even knows about it, which, is why I talk about things in the song like ‘loving me on the low’ and keeping things ‘behind closed doors.’ I tried several times and in several ways to make this person see that I was the ‘1 4 U,’ but at the end of the day couldn’t, and instead of writing another sad or angry love song, I figured why not talk about the good stuff and write this sexy and flirty track.”

The single comes off your new EP Chromehearts – what´s the story behind the title?

“Well it’s actually the title track off the EP, but think that the track and the name sums up the tone of the EP, and also describes me perfectly. I like to think that I have dual personas. At times I can come across very cold and very tough, and at other times I can be very emotional and sensitive. So while thinking about those characteristics, I was trying to find words to describe that. I came up with the chrome half to represent the tough, strong, and cold characteristics and thought that there was nothing better than my heart to compare my emotions and sensitivity.”

How was the recording and writing process?

“The writing and recording process for the whole EP was basically one big therapy session. I began writing this EP in January and wrapped in August of this year, and it coincided with the push and pull from the last person I was involved with. I can distinctly remember the session that I had for a track on the EP called, ‘Other Lover.’ I had just come back from a trip to NYC heartbroken, because everything with this person came crashing down. A week later, I wrote this song and just remember walking into the session and literally just bled over the track. When the session ended, I felt the weight lifted off my shoulders. So at the end of the day, I needed the writing and recording process as a type of therapy to get over an awful situation and person that was completely wrong for me.”

What was it like to work with Yung Citizen, Joe and Mike Pepe? How did those relationships develop?

“The three of them are like my brothers. I love those guys to death and will always have a special bond and relationship with them. I met Joey Pepe back in 2011 when I walked into the studio he worked at with my former agent. Six months later, I returned to the studio to speak with Dave Harris (the owner) about mastering a handful of homemade demos. He suggests that I take them to Joey and his brother Mike Pepe, to further produce them; one album and two EP’s later we are still going strong. Joey and Mike produced the bulk of the EP. I have a track that Yung Citizen co-produced as well. I met Yung Citizen through Joey and Mike. Yung Citizen and myself actually work right next door to each other and didn’t know it until recently. We started chatting about music and ending up collaborating on the track, ‘Until I Get To You.’ Yung Citizen is definitely a visionary. He literally hears the entire track finished when you only have a few chords lied down. His work is brilliant and I look forward to making more music with him. Lastly, Patrick Boyd and DJ AHUF produced the title track, ‘ChromeHearts.’ I met AHUF through a friend and approached him about re-producing an unreleased track of mine; he suggested we also include Patrick. I decided to scrap the initial track and start fresh with them and together we created a track quite like no other. I loved my sessions with them because the brought a new perspective to my music and helped create something so unique and edgy.”

How much did they get to influence the album?

“I love collaboration. I think it’s a very important part of the creative process. I think you need the opinions and ideas from my producers, because not only is this my music, its theirs too; and at the end of the day I want it to be something that we can collectively be proud of. Collaboration was something that was very important to me this time around, which is why I brought other producers and collaborators to the table. At the end of it all, it think we all created something to amazing and special. The writing and recording of ‘ChromeHearts,’ is something that I will always cherish.”

You get to play with few genres on this record – did you intentionally wanted to experiment with these styles or how did that come about?

“Yes, at the end of the day my music is pop. That being said, I’m so inspired by so many genres of music. My debut album, ‘Life in Isolation,’ was influenced by EDM and Dance music, and my EP, ‘Noir,’ was influenced by indie/alternative music. Growing up as a kid of the 90’s, I was inspired by Pop and R&B. I grew up listing to and wanted to be Michael Jackson and Madonna. When I initially began the ‘ChromeHearts,’ sessions, I was listening to a lot of R&B and knew that I wanted to incorporate it into my undeniable pop music. After the first session, It just clicked and felt right, so I went with it and think that it resulted in some of my best work ever.”

Any plans to hit the road?

“Yes, definitely. Right now, I’m focused on the promotional aspect of the project. I’m planning on shooting music videos, etc., and after the EP is released in January I plan on taking it on the road.”

What else is happening next in Michael Remesi´s world?

“More music, more videos, more shows. This is what I love and am born to do. Hopefully the world is ready for me and will love what I have to offer the pop world.”

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