Nickolucky Rocks The Bitter End, New York City


Nothing epitomizes New York than live music at the historic Bitter End. Since its opening in 1961, it has hosted before unknown musicians from Bob Dylan to Taylor Swift. In 2012 it hosted up and coming artist Nickolucky. On Saturday night, the rafters shook, the stage vibrated with the beats of his single “Don’t Waste My Time”, inciting the crowd into off kilter sing along. It was a perfect conclusion to years of hard work and sacrifice for Greek born musician Nick Anastasakis — try saying that ten times! His band Nickolucky has performed in NYC venues such as The Bitter End, Cafe Wha?, Pianos, Arlene’s Grocery, Sullivan Hall, Tammany Hall, Parkside Lounge, and his native hometown of Crete, Greece.

It’s amazing that the walls still stand at 147 Bleecker Street. After so many decades of wear and tear from artist after artist, Nickolukcy makes a commendable presence. Inspiring the crowd with his funky tunes and his ethereal acoustics, Nickolucky brings a wide accoutrement of musical extremes. He rocks the house with “Don’t Waste My Time”, a combination of blues, rock and just . He takes the audience into an almost meditative trance with one of the most beautiful lyrics and acoustics that I have ever heard. The song “Dream” yet to be recorded is in my opinion a melody that can soothe the most hardened of New Yorkers.


It is obvious that the musician’s unique upbringing seeps through everything that he has written. The song “Wake Up and Smile” drawls from asian and gypsy influences that takes us to exotic lands with strange sounds and smells. With a guitar effect he turns his guitar into the sounds of the sitar. Growing up in a traditional Greek family with traditional music with occasional splatter of Eurovision, its amazing that he has survived the clutches of “cheesy” music. He plays from his gut, his instincts. There is no flash or hype, no musical synthesis. Only him, his Gibson and Fender.

His carefree musical style is in stark contrast to the intensity he puts in the guitar strings that he plucks with such passion affecting everyone sitting in the audience. Its been a while since The Bitter End had such noise.


by Olivia Livy

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