Kristopher James

Can you please introduce and tell us more about yourself?

I’m Kristopher James from Sarasota, Florida … I write songs on my living room floor and occasionally in front of random strangers over a beer.
Other than some punk rock music and an acoustic project I had with a friend after college … I haven’t had the privilege of doing anything on my own.
Just after my son was born did I find an outlet to express what was going on inside of me.


What are your music influences?
That’s a tricky question … As far as writing styles and the like, I like to stick with what comes naturally but guys like David Ramirez, Amos Lee, Andy Zipf … they have way with words an melodies that make you wish you thought of that line or that hook.


So congrats on your new EP release! Can you describe the recording and writing process behind Movement Pt. I?
“Movement Pt. 1″ is kind of a crazy thing to me … When I started writing I didn’t have any goals in mind. Writing for an EP or a Full Length for that matter, wasn’t a thought at all. So after penning out more than enough songs to put together an EP – it’s still a bit intimidating and exciting at the same time.
As for the recording process … I have 2 mics (Heil PR30 & a Neumann TLM 103) and an old copy of Adobe Audition. That’s really about it. Plug and play and try to make it sound as good as I can.


How did you come up with the title?
“Movement” was an easy title, actually … These songs are all coming on their own time.
And as they come and I feel that they’re at the point where I can record, the “Movement” can keep going!
I’m not limited to 1 particular album :)


Where did you get the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?
That’s a great question and I’m still trying to figure it out … I have a song “My Heart Wasn’t Ready” that came after my son was born. It was this overwhelming feeling of insecurity and strength that I couldn’t shake and didn’t want to. I told myself i was ready to be a dad, but when he came and the flooding of emotions that I encountered, I realized how unprepared I was for the amount of love I had for him.
As for other songs, it’s life I see and empathize with, at times feeling and walking through tough times myself.


I understand this is part of a series, will the next installments will be focusing on the same subjects?
“Movement:2″ is being put together now … the songs are picked and are planning on being recording.


Can we expect a sequel soon?

HOPEFULLY, before January! BUT If that doesn’t happen most definitely by February “Movement:2″ will be released.


Are you planning to hit the road soon?
Looking ahead to 2014, already booking dates and attempting to do a short East Coast run through Atlanta and further north.
But until then, the local Tampa Bay/Sarasota music scene is where you’ll find me!


What’s happening next in Kristopher James´ world?
Other than staying focused with music and life, collaborating with other musicians
Just enjoying this ride, my family, writing songs, playing gigs and having drinks with friends.


Where can we find more about your music?
The normal sites pretty much:
Reverb Nation:




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