I Made It Through by Natasha Owens

I Made It Through, Natasha Owens

INTRO Singer, songwriter, artist Natasha Owens hails from Texas. Owens brings an inspirational approach to modern day Christian-pop-gospel concoctions with a hint of R&B and piano driven light rock. I like to call this genera passion pop that is pleasant and motivational. “I made it Through” combines all of the above with above average vocal style and a solid look. All 10 arrangements offer much in the way of emotional topics and offer a positive perspective on everything about life: the good, the bad and the ugly. Let me start by saying “I made it Through” is the perfect title for a CD like this. During my initial research of Owens there were some lines Owens said that really jumped out at me. I strive to create music that contain songs of restoration that can help each listener with whatever trial in their life that they were facing. To let them know that they are not alone, that there is a God who loves them and will never leave them.

REVIEW “I made it Through” makes a good first impression with “Let Go” and “Cant Stop the Fire” 2 solid opening tracks. Besides modern day pop one can also appreciate the R&B Jazz-pop overtones with a hint of Electric pop or Ambient pop. The underlying theme here is no-doubt Christian based – but she doesn’t mention the word Jesus in every line. There’s nothing wrong with that necessarily, her approach is in my opinion more marketable to a mass audience. The array of instrumentation offers everything one would expect but besides the a-typical (bass/guitar/drums) one can also enjoy Piano, balanced harmonies, percussion, strings and saxophone. In her own words: “I wanted to create a CD that would contain songs of restoration that could help each listener with whatever trial in their life that they were facing. To let them know that they are not alone that there is a God who loves them and will never leave them. With God’s help, I Made It Through. My Prayer is that when people listen to these songs, that they feel God’s love, perfect peace and comfort through the words. Isaiah 41:10 “Do not fear for I am with you.” The pop-like quality is the perfect foundation to brighten up your day but Owens is not afraid to sing about some of the real life challenges and struggles one may experience in life. “Not for a Moment” and ‘Spirit Rain” are more of the more moving songs. Other pieces provide a light dance beat does but manage to never overtake the other sounds presented in over the top Ambient pop. The end of the album incorporates all of the aforementioned stylings into a whirlwind of musical magic that slowly fades out as humbly as it began on the final track “Your Name”. the song that had the biggest impact upon me as a listener was “Never for a Moment.”BOTTOM LINE Natalie Owens makes a lasting impression upon a listener. Her amazing vocal skills are never one called into question like other pop artists out there. “I made it Through” creates a cinematic pop setting that highlights all the good about Christian Pop. All songs offer a wide array of musical depth and structure – offering a great balance of songs. One listener wrote” This lifted me up! I have been going through things lately. This has helped me to hold on!” I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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Review by Jonas Koepka
edited by Janne Zawa
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