Who’s CousinKate?/ When did you girls decide to put this band together and why?

COUSINKATE are the voices of the twin sisters Corinna and Isabelle Cott and their music partner Brian Florian on the guitar. Their genre is pop music with uplifting lyrics, meant to generate a positive feeling to the listener.

Corinna and Isabelle are originally from Germany where they started singing for audiences at the age of eight. They spent ten years apart, both always involved with music.                          Isabelle signed with the German record label ‘Polydor’, recording under the name ‘Sunrise’ while Corinna, who had recorded with different producers in Germany and the States, met Brian in Seattle.

Brian had played in the band “Two moons” with Mike Gallo from 20/20.

Corinna and Brian formed a songwriting partnership. Under the name ‘Florian Cott’ they recorded their song “Through The Air” which is used in an HBO TV show that is airing internationally.

When Isabelle joined the duo, COUSINKATE began.

Their songs “Life without Fear” and “Up to You” are used in an inspirational video of Steve Zee, a young man with cerebral palsy.

With the addition of drums, bass, keys and violin COUSINKATE has been performing in and around the Los Angeles area.

They have written over 100 original songs.

We believe that music is here to be shared and that we were born to do what we do…to bring inspiration and happiness J


What’s the meaning behind the band’s name?

At the time of the birth of our band name COUSINKATE we had a cousin who married a girl named Kate. Kate did not like to be called ‘cousin Kate’, but we loved her, so we would tease her and the name became a term of endearment that we always enjoyed to use. PLUS one of Corinna’s biggest influences growing up was Kate Bush, so we decided to use the name as our band name. We feel that it makes us kind of like a relative to everyone, which fits to our life believe that we are ALL connected J


What’s the method at the time of writing a song?

Most of the time Brian will start to play a melody on the guitar and we automatically hear vocal melodies and possibly already lyrics as well.

There are also times were we might have the vocal melody and/or lyrics first, which we share with Brian and he gets inspired to play along on his guitar.


How do you feel about having your music featured on an HBO show?

Last time we were featured on an HBO show, it was a wonderful success, so we would love it, of course J But truly…to be featured anywhere (almost J) would be very welcomed by us…it’s all about sharingJ


What are the band’s musical influences?

Corinna’s biggest influence growing up was Olivia Newton-John and Kate Bush.

Isabelle’s biggest influence was THE CURE and David Bowie

Brian’s biggest influence was mostly European music as well


So what has been the funniest moment you guys have had or took part of while touring or playing a show?

We once played at a party with a few other bands. When it was our turn to play, a guitar player from one of the previous bands must have decided that his own gig wasn’t long enough so he started playing over the top of our music (we’re still not sure what song he was playing). It got to the point that we were so embarrassed for him and it became so awkward, that he had to be kindly escorted off stage. He’s probably still playing somewhere J


Are there any plans for the future we should be aware of?

Currently we are recording our newest song ‘BE YOURS’ and as soon as the recording is done, we will make the music video for it. This video is particularly exciting for us, especially for Corinna, because it will be the first video with a story, which was introduced to her in a dream.

We will post the video as soon as its done, so keep an eye out for us J


Where can we find more about your music?

You can find us at, or


Do you feel you are moving in the right direction?

There is only one direction for us – forward!

We will probably forever write new music and share it with those who are around and open for us




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