CD REVIEW: Guitarcadia by Xander Demos | RIYL: Megadeth, Iron Maiden

Guitarcadia is the latest album from Pittsburgh, PA based guitar virtuoso Xander Demos.

Guitarcadia is a collection of ten face-meltingly awesome tunes showcasing Demos’s superior shredding and cementing his status as a guitar great. On track one, “Right Angles,” Demos dances up and down the neck of his guitar with a fury that would cow the Incredible Hulk. In track two, “Nothing Major,” Demos leaps from a ripping riff into hyperactive harmonics with flawless mastery. Track three, “Under a Darkened Sky,” evokes the perfect mixture of Megadeth at their fastest and Iron Maiden at their most melodic.

The fourth track on the album, “White Knuckle Driving,” might be the most perfectly titled song in history, as the sparking explosion of metal bursting forth from Demos’s fingers sounds like speeding feels. Track five, “Guitarcadia,” is the album’s title track. On “Guitarcadia,” Demos reaches heights that can only serve to inspire the next generation to grab a guitar and wish they could shred this hard. Track six, “Woodshed Sonata,” is classic speedmetal at it’s finest. Track seven is a cover of Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer,” that is harder and heavier than half the original new metal that has come out in the past decade.

On track eight, “Chase the Sun,” Demos returns to an instrumental shred-fest that would make a lesser guitarist’s fingers weep blood. Track nine, “Metagalactic,” slows things down just enough to show that Demos can still melt your face at only 80 beats per minute. The album finishes with a cover of Chris De Burgh’s “Lady in Red,” in which Demos replaces the vocals with a ripng, wah-infested, harmonically enhanced guitar performance.

Guitarcadia is hands down the best guitar driven album of the past decade.




by Travis Legge



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