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Channeling Beautiful Music: Port Of Est Releases “Onyx Moon”

Ryan: Band names are one of the most difficult decisions to make. What is the story behind  Port of Est?  TK: I had used the name for a few impromptu performances with my ATL collaborators Timothy Watts and Chandler Rentz over the years. Formalizing it as the current project with Hannah seemed to fit well conceptually. The Maine coastal landscape majorly informs our creative process. Also, Tim and Chandler flew in a few times to lend their talents on the record so it seemed right.   HT: Yeah, it took us a year of looking for a band name only to come back to the one Todd originally suggested.   Ryan: How and when did the band form?    TK:  Fall 2013. Hannah and I met by chance at Running With Scissors Artist Studios in Portland,Maine where my wife Honnie Goode and Hannah both had spaces.  I was helping Honnie move In, and it was during one of those initial visits that Hannah and I started talking. It just so happened that she was interested in having a electronic musician sit in on another project she is involved  with. That didn’t work out, but we immediately knew that we wanted to start our own thing and craft a new sound.   Ryan: Your current album “Onyx Moon” is very creative and unique. Can you take us  through your songwriting process?   TK: I’ll often start with a simple beat or melody line. I search for that little spark ­ you get this feeling like you are tapping intosomething special ­ then I know it’s worth developing. We frequently grab random sounds from our environment, which are embedded all over the place. I typically take a pretty maximalist approach initially. I often start to hear new melodies orbeats spinning off. Something rises to the surface and I grab it and start building the song from there.   HT: Once we both feel it, we’ll develop the overall vibe and arrangements together so I have something to write lyrics to. Other times we’ll hit record and start from scratch together with an analog synth, drum machine, and some freestyling gibberish through a vocal fx box. When something works we almost instantly know it and that’s our jumping off point. While I work out the lyrics and vocal fx parts, Todd fine tunes the nuances and sound design on the production end of things.       Ryan: Where do you gather inspiration from?     HT: The sky’s the limit, really. Maine is a good muse for us.   TK: Travel, art, and family. The Maine landscape is a big source of inspiration.   Ryan: The track “Clash” is your current single. Why did you choose that particular song to  release as a single?    HT: Clash has elements of all of our sounds.  It’s got the danceability that makes you move and it’s got the sound design that Todd does so well… It makes you think. The music/vocals break …

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Revolushn Offers Up “The Freshman”

Some musicians bravely choose to march to the beat of their own drum, they produce music that does not fit into any specific genre box, and for San Francisco, California’s own Revolushn,, music is truly a unique and creative experience. Ryan: Your new album “The Freshman” is quite the creative …

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Elle Watson Release New Song “Phantom”

“The idea behind using the word ‘phantom’ as the title of the track is to put a name to a feeling that cant be described, but something you can’t ignore” explains Elle Watson, who is combining stormy production that brews & manifests below a melty, emotionally-stirring vocal on this latest …

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INTERVIEW: Owen Sartori

Hi Owen, welcome to VENTS! How have you been? It’s a pleasure to meet you, and thank you so much for taking an interest in the record!  Things here at the studio are busy in a really good way.  Lots of stuff on the horizon, which is always fortunate in …

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