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CD REVIEW: Elixir by Erica Sunshine Lee

Erica Sunshine Lee, a self proclaimed “Georgia Gypsy”, has carved out quite a reputation in the country music community for her vocal and songwriter talents. She’s gotten her skill set over for obvious reasons, but an additional factor is her tireless commitment to keeping the fires burning with live appearances …

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CD REVIEW: StonerPop Self-titled EP

Based out of Louisiana, electro-pop duo StonerPop’s debut self-titled EP is as unique as a musical voyage as listeners are likely to take in 2016. The five track collection features Maudie Michelle on vocals while she shares musical arranging and songwriting chores with her artistic partner Jimmie Maneuva. The band’s …

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CD REVIEW: Dreams by Jesse Eplan

Some artists can and will do it all. Jesse Eplan is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer whose passion and skill set put him on a pedestal far above common American Idol groomed talents so prevalent in pop music today. There’s no pandering in this act – his latest single …

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CD REVIEW: VI by Go Time!

The Chicago based three piece Go Time! has released six albums since their 2009 debut Speak and the latest, VI, is their first since January 2015.Led by singer, songwriter, and lead guitarist Scott Niekelski, the band’s lineup is rounded off with Steve Grzenia on drums and Marco Marketti on bass …

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CD REVIEW: In This Together by Big Tribe

The three piece Big Tribe has a much wider creative and collaborative base than many outfits. The core three of singer/songwriter Peter Panyon, vocalist Bonnie Eyler, and Joe Heutte are unafraid to divvy up the artistic pie with numerous guests – thirty-two top flight musicians have lent their talents to …

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CD REVIEW: Build Your Own Empire by The Cavalry

The Cavalry, basically a one-man project of actor/musician/vocalist Tristan Jackson, performs in the Nashville Rock vein, that curious 21st century anagram of pop, Southern Rock, and a smattering of classic country sounds that has been the sole instrument-driven genre to hold a commercial line in this brave new world against …

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CD REVIEW: Playing It Forward by The Savage Hearts

Annie Savage’s passion for her art glows with such fierce intensity that it isn’t surprising she’s drawn likeminded artists into her orbit. The remaining four members of her band The Savage Hearts include other teachers like herself and artists simmering with the same boundless desire to renew and preserve great …

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CD REVIEW: Taking Care of Bluegrass by Holly Norman

Holly Norman’s thirteen song extended tribute to the music of Elvis Presley brings her bluegrass chops to bear on the King’s songs to a spectacular result. There’s no question that there’s a lot of hard work that went into rearranging these songs into bluegrass versions, but it’s always equally easy …

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CD REVIEW: Hit the Road and Go by Michael and Jennifer McLain

The husband and wife team of Michael and Jennifer McLain aren’t novices to the world of popular music. Michael toured a number of far-flung locales from an early age with his family’s bluegrass band before settling into a decade plus long career as an instructor at Tennessee’s prestigious Belmont University …

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