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CD Review: Marker 7-58 by Satellite Gods

Melbourne, Australiaband Satellite Gods, brought together by mastermind Brenan McMahon, have been churning out album after album in the last couple of years.  Their latest effort, “Marker 7-58”, blends together rock, pop, country, Celtic, folk, and blues.  There are many strengths to this album; the main one, however, are the …

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CD Review: Fallen by Gert Taberner

German-born and raised, Canadian educated—at least when it comes to his songwriting—and currently New York based Gert Taberner released in September 2016 a three-song, folk rock/pop EP titled Fallen.  His project is an attempt to compensate for what he feels modern-day interpersonal relationships lack: intimacy. The emotions touched upon in …

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CD REVIEW: One More Round by Emish

The 2008 sophomore release from New York State based Celtic folk rock act Emish, One More Round, bears some superficial resemblance to the band’s debut. There’s thirteen songs on the second album and a mix of originals, instrumentals, and traditional covers bearing an idiosyncratic stamp separating them from the realm …

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CD REVIEW: Gone Gatsby by The Sound of Curves

Since first coming together in 2009, The Sound of Curves carved out a reputation as one of the most promising alternative rock bands to emerge in quite some time. Their third release Gone Gatsby represents the fulfillment of that promise. Their unique confluence of alternative and Southern rock with electronic …

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SINGLE REVIEW: 17 Days by Angie and the Deserters

The latest single from Angie and the Deserters, “17 Days”, is culled from her full length album release You and shows off her mastery of mid tempo bluesy shuffles. The latest track has some musical bite, despite its laid back approach, and the production is so on the money that …

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CD Review: Of The Musical by Joan Torres’ All Is Fused

Eight tracks of progressive jazz fusion goodness make up Joan Torres’ All Is Fused’s latest release, “Of The Musical”.  The Puerto Rico-born Torres, currently in San Francisco, brought together some names new and familiar to this November 2016 release: Jonathan Suazo (alto saxophone), Sergio González (guitar), Gabriel Vicéns (guitar), Emanuel Rivera (piano), …

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EP Review: Breakthrough by Dino Jag

Energizing pop rock fun from beginning to end—even at its darkest—Breakthrough’s only disappointment is in its length; the five tracks seem like a tease that whet one’s appetite for more.  With vocals that embrace something of both Adam Levine and Chris Martin, Australian Dino Jag’s six-track EP is bursting with energy, optimism, and …

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Everyone, please welcome in Emeline. She will be one that will surely challenge the Popstars of the future to see who holds the reigns of Queen B. Of course, no one is stopping Beyonce any time soon, which is why I said in the future. Here is a little diddy …

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CD Review: Rerun by Danophone

Danophone’s new album, Rerun, could be considered as a unique form of therapy, the kind that seeks light in darkness.  Released in December 2016, this collection of 11 pop rock tracks, put together by Carsten Nielsen (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard, saxophone), Bertil Bille (drums, cajon, percussion), and Tino Pedersen (background …

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