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SINGLE REVIEW: Up All Night by Brooke Moriber

Singer, actress, and songwriter Brooke Moriber has carved out a much deserved reputation as a huge talent who excels in every facet of her artistic experience. She’s received plum roles and a lot of praise for her work on Broadway as well as her acting in television and films. Moriber …

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CD REVIEW: Exodus by K.P. Wolfe

There are a lot of people out there who are trying to attain that elusive spot where they capture and keep an audience’s attention.  But because of the glut of almost stereotypical artists and bands that the indie music industry churns out constantly, a stereotype can make listeners wary. In …

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CD REVIEW: In The Blink Of A Life by April Martin

Listeners thirsty for thoughtful, insightful, and inspiring tracks can give New York City’s April Martin’sIn the Blink of a Lifea try.  Released in December 2016, the folk-inspired album was put together by a woman holding a Ph.D. in clinical psychology who is maintaining a successful practice in the city.  After …

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CD REVIEW: Art + Work = Love by James Patrick Morgan

The debut EP from James Patrick Morgan marks an auspicious emergence for this talented singer/songwriter. Morgan’s extensive experience as a live performer makes him a well-honed proposition from the outset and the EP’s four originals bear testimony to how ready he is for this moment to shine. These recordings are …

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CD REVIEW: Better Now than Ever by Jimmy Shannon

The eleven songs on Jimmy Shannon’s latest album Better Now than Ever are a sterling example of how some musicians keep improving with age. The popular misconception about the arts is that, invariably, creative forces peak during their youth and the work following those halcyon early days invariably suffers in …

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CD REVIEW: I.N. Concert With You by Intrinsic Nature

The second recording from the Las Vegas headquartered trio Intrinsic Nature, I.N. Concert With You, is a five song EP highlighting both the band’s progressive tendencies and their talent for creating accessible songs that challenge listeners nonetheless. There’s a real impetus to this recording – Intrinsic Nature often sound quite …

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CD REVIEW: Eclectic Mind by Wayne Olivieri

Eclectic Mind, the latest album from New Jersey based multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter Wayne Olivieri, is a vividly imaginative thirteen song release that shows off the full breadth of his talents. It ranges across a variety of styles. Olivieri is just as talented pushing AOR rock, off-beat artsy tracks, straight …

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World-renowned producer Mikko H. Haapoja teams up with Laura Avonius because this world needs more collaborations between two musicians who can get the best out of each other. Too many times we see artists go through the motions to give people what they want to hear instead of what they …

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CD REVIEW: Dreamland by Matt Hannah

Matt Hannah’s second album Dreamland is a first rate follow up to his 2014 debut Let the Lonely Fade that signals clear development since that highly praised initial release. Dreamland is a ten song collection with the rare quality of thematic coherence – the central question Hannah is meditating about …

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