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CD REVIEW: Monstervison by Round Eye

Coming out of Shanghai with such talent when talent isn’t even a punk rock point of sale, is alone a daring feat. But Round Eye pull it off with the best of them. And knowing your punk won’t matter here, unless you like the kind that is well blended with …

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CD REVIEW: Blue Room by Jonathan Cavier

I may be the only person who feels this way, but I can hear a lot of progressive rock on this album. No, not every song has prog rock tendencies, but a lot of it does. Mind you, running a prog rock website (and particularly one that tries to challenge …

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CD REVIEW: Counterfeit Salvation by John Bunzow

John Bunzow hails from the Pacific Northwest (specifically Portland, Oregon). His voice might make you think he’s from the deep South. His first album was released in 2000, but he charted a single (“Easy as One, Two, Three”) on the country charts in 1995. His latest release is Counterfeit Salvation. …

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CD REVIEW: Love Lead by Laura Vecchione

This is the third album from Laura Vecchione. It’s the first I’ve heard. I’d really love to hear more from here. The range of sounds here is quite wide. There is a definite leaning toward retro elements throughout, though. The opening song (“Light of Day”) shows off a soulful kind …

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SINGLE REVIEW: Never Surrender by Avery Lr

Nothing is never what it seems. That’s why your rear view mirrors say that objects may be closer than they appear. Avery Lr learned very quickly and he’s applied it to his underground hip hop career because he knows nothing is a sure thing. This is why he is ecstatic …

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CD REVIEW: What I Want by JOMO

We’re excited to bring you a brand new EP to show you from an up-and-coming rapper from Atlantic City. JOMO is the latest to come out of Atlantic City and take the music scene by storm and he has no plans of stopping. “What I Want” is his proclamation that he takes …

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“If music is from the heart then it will carry no impurity, this would mean that music can’t be misused to fulfil any self-threatening intention, as the heart will never contradict itself, Negative intention surely arises from the delusions of one’s thoughts for it is only in one’s ‘knowing’ that …

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CD REVIEW: Broken In Time by Across The Board

When combining the likes of indie, alternative, pop, and rock you end up with a little Canadian act called Across The Board or ATB, whichever you prefer. If preference is not for you and you just go with the flow as it were then perhaps listening to their song called …

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