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SINGLE REVIEW: Naked by Brielle Von Hugel

It’s thrilling to hear a singer for the first time that leaves the distinct impression on your consciousness they have the potential to rank among the finest singers of their generation. Brielle Von Hugel’s “Naked” sounds like the moment in some artist’s careers when their talents fully emerge for the …

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CD REVIEW: Falling Snow by The Gothard Sisters

These are hard albums to pull off. The seasonal music release is a long-time staple of the music industry and most of the examples we can recall are usually nothing more than well-produced cash-in releases not particularly invested in sincerely celebrating the season but rather entertaining those who do. However, …

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CD REVIEW: Fountains by Uncle Frank

The debut album from the Uncle Frank Band proved that this was never just a side project of lesser importance from the band’s leader, Frank Benbini. Benbini, one third of the respected outfit Fun Lovin’ Criminals, has a crackling artistic need to express himself in multiple ways and their forthcoming …

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CD REVIEW: Expected by James Patrick Morgan

The best performers in pop music, presently and historically, are those who can manifest a sense of urgency through their work. James Patrick Morgan’s “Expected” leaps out of the speakers with the sort of thrilling, clutch you by the throat immediacy that engages the mind and body but, yet, manifests …

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CD REVIEW: Vowel Sounds by Jordan Burchel

It’s an often dire affair. The ten songs on Jordan Burchel’s Vowel Sounds are frequently weighed down with introspection and gloom that, while it never quite rises to the existential despair heard from other quarters in popular music, rarely relents. This gray temperament is muted some by the intense musicality …

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CD REVIEW: Magic Music Self-Titled Album

Magic Music, a six piece Americana outfit based out of Colorado, has a long history despite this release marking their debut studio effort. The band first formed in 1969 and pursued the brass ring of record industry success for seven years before calling it a day in 1976. The members …

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CD REVIEW: Hope by Ricardo Alves

Ambient music is an either take it or leave it proposition for most listeners. Popular music fans are accustomed to compositions that follow a straight line, feature recognizable turns, and have vocals, a chorus, and a bridge. Ricardo Alves’ release Hope is a fourteen song outing that will exert, perhaps, …

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Introducing… Ira Sharma

This cosmopolitan performer of Indian heritage, born in the United States, brings a highly individual flavor to her songwriting and performances. Her astonishing youth, only fourteen years old, necessarily means that she’s at the start of what promises to be a long journey in the music world, but the level …

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