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CD REVIEW: Forever in your Mind by Bad Boy Trio

In-the-midst of the prolonged void of a true Boy Band with not only the aesthetic qualities but true musical talent that has long been absent since the demise of One Direction, as many have stepped up to the plate but failed to deliver the perfect combination. That certainly changed when …

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CD REVIEW: No Good Deeds by Blister

Blister’s “No Good Deeds”, release released just last year, says it consists of such genres as punk, rock, metal, hard rock, garage rock, but when listening in you can hear some traces of metal, but it is purely all rock n’ roll based material. Which makes this album work rather …

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SINGLE REVIEW: Trapped by Ashley J

Orlando Florida’s Ashley J springs back with “Trapped” and that is not all. After a chance meeting with legendary songwriter/producer and multi-platinum Grammy and Emmy winning Narada Michael Walden, she convinced him to produce this single. And no place better than to do it at his famed Tarpen studio complex. …

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CD REVIEW: Buchi Self-titled

Born in Kaduna, Nigeria to parents of Abia State origin, Buchi’s early education began in Enugu and took him through Methodist College, Uzuakoli and Federal Government College, Enugu. In 1983, he came to Lagos to study English Language and Literary Studies at the University of Lagos, obtained a BA in …

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CD REVIEW: Gospel by Raker

The Miami based duo Raker was formed in 2014 by guitarist Mike Sarasti and bassist Andy Rodriguez and their latest release, “Gospel”, abides by the far-reaching musical vision defining their work up to this point. Sarasti doubles as vocalist, but the duo share songwriting duties and have the rare chemistry …

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CD REVIEW: Metalepic Fit Self-titled

Metaleptic Fit is an industrial/thrash metal band based in the Chicago area, formed in 2013 and lead by The Reverend. The Reverend’s background has crossed through many genres of music. From the beginning, he has enraptured heavy metal as a lifestyle of spiritual reverence. The Reverend leads the band. He …

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CD REVIEW: The Time Is Right by Ann Faith Harris

Throughout her school years, she studied piano, sang in school choirs, ensembles, and formed several singing groups as she performed in and around the very vibrant city musical scene. After receiving her BA degree from the University of Buffalo, in Black Studies and vocal performance, Faith became the founder and …

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CD REVIEW: No Rules by Swaylex

Independent multi-instrumental and songwriter Swaylex is taking his music to the digital streets with a confidence born of real skill. His uploads to YouTube have distinguished his playing talents as an unique mix of the individual and fundamentals that stands out in a crowded landscape. He excels on the other …

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