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CD REVIEW: Grey Fidelity by Tow’rs

Hailing from the somewhat improbable locale of Flagstaff, Arizona, the five pieceTow’rs is a reminder of how great care can result in great things. The warm glow of creativity never fades from this collection, but it is clear the nine songs on their album Grey Fidelity are curated with tremendous …

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CD REVIEW: Incredulous by Nat Berhanu

The debut full length electronic music release from Nat Berhanu, Incredulous, immediately establishes him as one of the genre’s most formidable talents. The sprawling eighteen track release shows him as nothing less than a virtuoso in the genre and his ability to conjure a wide range of emotions and energies …

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CD REVIEW: Summer Franklin Self-titled EP

Summer Franklin’s performances and songwriting are surrounded with a fully invested approach that doesn’t just apply attention to the music alone but, instead, strives to create immersive musical experiences difficult to forget. She succeeds wildly. Franklin’s music is characterized by well written lyrics, melodic musical arrangements, and tasteful playing. Her …

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CD REVIEW: Fill Me Up by Amilia K. Spicer

The first single from Amilia K. Spicer’s upcoming full length release, “Fill Me Up”, reveals a singer/songwriter who is rapidly evolving into one of the indie scene’s truly titanic talents and cannot be held back from achieving mainstream success she richly deserves. She’s a multi-instrumentalist who has taken it upon …

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CD REVIEW: Cider by Gwyneth Moreland

The ten song album Cider from California based vocalist and songwriter Gwyneth Moreland heralds the full on arrival of a major new talent. She’s enlisted an impressive team to help her realize its potential. David Hayes, noted for his work with Van Morrison, handled the production, engineering, and mixing chores …

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SINGLE REVIEW: Work for It by Spayyzee

Spayyzee is ready. Everything about his latest single, “Work For It”, suggests that this twenty year old burgeoning hip hop superstar is ready to work for any success he craves. The message behind this four minute track is far removed from the mainstream hip hop world’s concerns about things like …

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CD REVIEW: Fretwalk by Vladimir Maisiuk

The debut instrumental album from Vladimir Maisiuk, Fretwalk, is an eleven song affair with a widely varied sound, virtuosity running throughout, and a tight focus. Maisiuk has a considerable musical history in both the studio and concert, but this release represents the biggest treatment yet for his talents. He has …

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