Frame by Sound Festival

2017 Semi-finalists

Once upon a dream Anthony Nion South of Christmas Juan Pablo Anselmi Household Accounts BILL C. Davis Strangers in the Park Danilo Zambrano Boring I Love You Nikhil Malik Io non ricordo Christoph Brehme We’re The Homies IO Nikolaus Jantsch An Afterlife Carol Nguyen Why did Dragan gather his band …

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Robert Margouleff

Recording icon Robert Margouleff is once again at the forefront of modern music innovation with his pioneering work in HPS 12.1 Headphone Surround. HPS 12.1 offers an incredible personal listening experience by delivering 7.1 surround channels on the horizon and five channels above – on any headphones. The result is …

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About Frame by Sound Festival

Breaking away from traditional norms, Frame by Sound presented by Vents Magazine offer patrons a unique and groundbreaking experience of its own kind. By taking it online, FxS reaches audiences around the world in an effort to bring a personal film and music festival in the comfort of their own …

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