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Do Brain Training Games Work?

The human brain contains billions of nerve cells and trillions of synapses, and has a petabyte of storage (the equivalent of a thousand gigabytes). It’s amazing at solving problems, seeing patterns, and abstract thinking yet the average person still sometimes fails to retrieve even the most basic words from its memory …

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Once again you can just cue into me singing “It’s the most wonderful time of the yyeeeaarrr…” In case you haven’t guessed already.. it’s Awards season otherwise known as ‘My Happy Time’ ~ and the first big event is the Golden Globes this Sunday. It’s where the best of both …

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How to Recover from Your Holiday Spending

The season of giving and cheer is over and we have officially entered the new year and experiencing the financial aftermath from holiday spending. But there is a road to recovery that can put you back on track, back to routine and on track for a prosperous 2017. The following …

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