Szandra Mayer’s single “Never Ever” is among the cream of the crop

There’s a lot of really good music slated to see release in 2019, and Szandra Mayer’s single “Never Ever” is among the cream of the crop. Written and performed by the currently twelve year old Mayer (yes, you read that correctly), “Never Ever” is a superb slice of electronic dance pop that wistfully blends stirring lyricism with pendulous percussion that relentlessly grinds against a formidable bassline. Far from an amateurish offering from an underprepared rookie, this hot track from the Florida-based singer is a shot of adrenaline for a stagnating scene that could really use some youthful influence as we prepare for a new age in pop music.

The rhythm here grabs us from the get-go and never lets its hooks out of us until well after the music has faded from our airspace. Boasting a burly bassline, “Never Ever” was indeed designed to get you out of your chair and onto the dancefloor, but I like that it isn’t overtly saturated in physicality to such a degree where we lose sight of the main melody that Mayer is creating with her voice. This is a good club-rocking anthem, but it’s quite possibly just as sweet of a casual pop tune that appeals to anyone with a taste for heartfelt harmonies.

Mayer’s voice bonds to the elegant stylization of the synthesizers exquisitely in the master mix, and while the two meld together to make an unparalleled tour de force that rockets its way through our speakers and into the ethers during the chorus, their individual textures never get muddied in the big picture. “Never Ever” was produced with a really close attention to detail, and as a result, we’re able to experience every sonic stitch of vitality that Szandra Mayer is bringing with her into the studio in this song, and with any luck, every track that she records in the future.


Not all artists in her peer group are as relaxed and naturally adept to the pressurized environment of the recording booth as she clearly is in this single, and I think that it’s worth noting that she never seems to hesitate before discharging a vocal harmony that most of us – including seasoned pros – would never dream of attempting. She’s fearless here, and appears almost completely unfazed by the intensity of the music that she’s piecing together in real-time. I’ve heard some very talented singer/songwriters in the last year, but her artistic wit and lyrical sincerity definitely makes her among the most memorable.

Szandra Mayer is well on her way to owning the pop charts if she keeps making music as gripping as “Never Ever” is. Make no mistake about it; she is nowhere near old enough to remember the sublimely surreal electronic pop that infected a Bush-era America with the desire to cut loose in the club, but somehow she’s presenting us with a much more mature version of that very sound in this single. I’m going to be keeping a very close eye on her career as it comes to fruition, and I would highly recommend that pop music aficionados everywhere do the same.

by Bethany Page

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