5 Marketing Trends Every Marketer Needs to Know About in 2019

Just like in any other aspect of life, time is bringing changes in how we work, socialize, play, etc. The business world is no exception. It is constantly being shaped by emerging trends, new technologies, innovative methods and patterns. Every entrepreneur, every marketer always needs to be on the lookout for new trends and how they can impact their business. The gist is to allow the change to make what you do better. Never lag behind by purposely avoiding new things. That can only hurt both you and your business. So, in the name of future and better things, let’s take a look at five marketing trends that will greatly impact the industry in 2019.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is becoming more and more popular nowadays. First we saw it in the gaming industry, people would test those VR goggles and act all funny and awkward. That sure served a great cause on YouTube. Well, VR is not only exclusive for gaming. It is also becoming quite a powerful tool for businesses all around the globe. Marketers are using VR to promote their brands, services and even present new products. Since this kind of marketing, the VR marketing, is still relatively new, this would be a good time for you to explore your options and get a hang of it before everyone else does.

Modern events

Back in the day when a company wanted to show the world something new they would create a small gathering with good press coverage and say what they want the world to hear. Things have changed, however. Companies nowadays come up with unique events where they have hundreds of attendees all with the aim of not only showing a new product/service but also boosting the image of their business and sometimes even shopping for talent. Event marketing is quite a powerful tool in the industry. Hence, a lot of marketers are trying to reinvent the game and they look for ways to ‘enhance’ their events. They do so with event gamification, new and unique venues, popular keynote speakers, etc. If you haven’t thought about innovating your own events, you should start now. There are some crazy good ideas out there and it seems that event marketing has never been more popular.

Voice search

Even though this isn’t quite new, it is one of the quickest adopted technologies recently. Voice search is changing the way your customers are interacting with the world around them. By asking a question you don’t get ten links back, you get one answer. As a marketer, it is your duty to ensure the main voice providers such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc. have the right facts about your business. That is the only way for them to provide the correct answers back to your potential clientele. This is really important for digital marketers since the content now has to be optimized to suit the requirements of voice searches. Publishing content that solves or answers consumers’ queries. That’s the direction you need to go in.

Brutal honesty

Yes, you read that correctly. Brutal honesty is what people are crazy about nowadays. Do not sugarcoat anything, honesty is what customers expect. Clearly state what your products/services will provide your customers. Talk about both the good sides and the shortcomings. Another great thing here that you could do is to enable people to leave reviews and comments about your business and its services/products. The honesty translates to brand integrity. In hand that leads to trust and sales. Therefore, honesty really is the best policy.


Yes, influencer marketing is a thing now. It has been trending up and it is the buzzword and hot topic at the moment. That’s why you need to take advantage of it. Whenever you have a product launch or something like that, always invite influencers to be your ambassadors. These people have huge armies of fans and followers which means that they will all hear about what you have to offer. It takes some time to get all the influencer market mumbo jumbo but once you learn the ropes, you’ll easily master the whole thing.


Every new day is an opportunity to change for better. Every new trend gives you an opportunity to examine it, evaluate it and see if it would suit your business. Surely you want your business to thrive so don’t shy away from new things. Know that your rivals won’t. So, take it all into your advantage. In the end, you are doing yourself a favor before anything else.

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