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Chinese Popular Gambling Superstitions

Every modern, educated person will agree all the superstitions we believe have nothing to do with real life. They are obsolete and most ridiculous things made up a long time ago. The reality, though, is different. Despite our strongest protests, superstitions work their magic on us. The last is especially true in the gambling world. A player with the most elaborate strategies based on researches and math and a few strange superstitions s/he deeply believes is not a rarity nowadays.

In this respect, it is hard to omit the whole nation known for their love of gambling. The Chinese have made gambling the part of their culture. As a result, like every cultural notion, the gambling here is not void of superstitions. Some of them have their origins in national history. Others are more recent. Nevertheless, let us have a look at some truly amusing and incredible Chinese gambler superstitions.

Lucky vs. Unlucky Numbers

Contrary to the Western world with its fear of number 13, the Chinese treat numbers 4 and 7 as the bad numbers. They associate the number with death and avoid doing important things in general and gambling in particular on dates with number 4. On the other hand, it is not a secret the Chinese associate number 8 with luck and wealth. This means a local player feels safe and luck when the number 8 has something to do with the gambling process.

Red Matters

Another thing connected with luck in China is a red color. This color is one of the main colors in Chinese culture and is used everywhere starting from a red shop window to Chinese New Year decorations. And gamblers believe that even red underwear is able to bring luck and lead you to success. Makes one wonder if this will work with red bets in online casino roulette or it brings luck only in Chinese themed roulette from Win Systems? The Chinese roulette, in addition to the usual 36 numbers plus zero, has an alternative set of numbers based on Chinese zodiac with an influence from the four elements considered sacred in this culture.

Help of Gods

It is vital to pay to the gods and make certain offerings in order to be lucky in any gambling activity. For example, the Chinese believe their lottery sessions will be much more successful with their prayers uttered a day before. The curious thing about the lottery is the Chinese are often found looking for some clues concerning winning numbers around themselves. They say it is possible to find some answers because they surround you in the real world.

Feeding of Ghosts

There is a belief that a baby ghost is setting at every gambling table. A player has to give some sugar to feed the ghost in order to placate it.

No Mentions about Books

Because of the specific features of the Chinese language, you will not hear a player saying a word ‘books’ in a casino. This strange superstition is easily explained – the world ‘books’ sounds similar to the word ‘lose’. That is why no ‘books’ in a casino.

Feng Shui Issues

The Chinese people treat Feng Shui principles extremely seriously. That is the reason a Chinese gambler avoids entering a casino through the main door. A player will be looking for any other exit routes and gladly use them because of these superstitions.

No Touching

A sign of the hostility and bad luck is you touching a shoulder of a player. Remember, the Chinese treat such touch as the bad sign when they are playing.

To Count or Not to Count

One of the strongest superstitions concerns the money counting. The Chinese never count their wins or loses during the gambling process. They believe they spoil future gaming by doing this.

These are just some of the numerous superstitions popular in the Chinese gambling society. Some of them are fun. Some are strange. Nevertheless, in no case should you allow them to influence your gambling because your fate is in your hands and your hands only.

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