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VM: Hi Rico, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

RD: VENTS! Waddup! Thanks for the welcome. I’ve been hard at work and on a U.S. tour with duo Watch The Duck.

VM: Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Do U Wanna”?

RD: Well, quite simply it’s a song about clarifying the terms between two people that are romantically involved. I’ve been there – people meet on different levels, sometimes sex, sometimes love, sometimes both…

VM: Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

RD: All of my songs are inspired by my personal experiences.   What I realize is that when it comes to sex and intimacy ppl don’t typically know what they want; so I wrote a song about just being straightforward.

VM: How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

RD: This was my 2nd music video and filming was a really dope experience. I wrote the treatment and concept for the video with my creative team. I wanted to produce a visual that represents what I’m all about and has all the classic elements that made me love music videos while growing up. The friendships in the video represent the unity of my crew and our perceptions of love and sex. The choreography expresses our celebration. The fashion and style represents our individuality and exclusion from society.

VM: The single comes off your new album Ethos – what’s the story behind the title?

RD: “ethos” is small serving of my musical style. The title was chosen because the definition of “ethos” is a spirit of a culture as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations. I’m all about self awareness so me and my producer QV created a body of work where each song represents a different “characteristic” of mine.

VM: How was the recording and writing process?

RD: I began writing for this album back in 2014. I wrote “Do U Wanna” w/ QV while we were in east Bronx smoking blunts and listening to tracks. And every other song came about in a similar way. I like to let music flow from my every day life experiences verses forcing it. Once I recorded enough music that felt like a body of work, we made a decision to create “ethos”. I’m a nerd and perfectionist like that. Truly looking forward to sharing it.

VM: What role does Camden play in your writing?

RD: Camden is in my blood so it’s only natural that it’s in my lyrical speech. I speak very candidly. Those closest to me Bitch about it often lol. I def get that ability from growing up in Camden. I guess going through childhood in such a raw city will do that to you. My lyrics are to the point even when they’re poetic. You will definitely gain understanding of my perspectives from listening to my writings.

VM: How have your life struggles and other experiences influenced you as an artist?

RD: I prefer the word “challenges” verses struggles. The cool thing about this life so far is I seem to continue having dual experiences. I’ve experienced homelessness and wealth, heartbreak and bliss, religion and liberation. I gained flexibility and versatility through it all and have become a hybrid. I was a street fighter and a trained performer by 16.

VM: Where else did you find inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

RD: My life is full of ish happening! There’s never a shortage of experiences, but basically melody concepts and ideas come into my head as I reflect on my day.

VM: What else is happening next in Rico Davis’ world?

RD: Besides having the time of my life touring the U.S. with an incredible duo like Watch The Duck, I’ll be releasing more music, my first official EP and pretty much busting my ass to make sure the world hears and sees it. – -Thanks Vents Magazine for helping me reach new music lovers.

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