How have you been?

Milana: I’m great, how are you? Our band is called Girl Pow-R and we are so excited that we just released our latest single called “KRISI”, and the music video!  We also represent our own, personal Social Cause which we love so much and is very dear to each of us! My social cause is mental health awareness.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “KRISI”?

Bella: The music and video of “KRISI” addresses many of the challenges girls face in today’s society both in school and outside of school. Girls face emotional and physical bullying, exclusion from a group, and verbal abuse. KRISI is about identifying the behaviours and, more importantly, rising above the bullying by believing in yourself. This is heard often in the chorus:

Krisi was empowered when they all said she was beautiful on the outside.

Blinded by the voices she heard in her head, made it hard for her to see.

She was empty…”

Is there an event in your life that is sort of an inspiration for this song, and therefore makes “KRISI” the perfect debut single for you and Girl Pow-R?

Bella: A girl I have become friends with was often excluded from groups. She was seldom invited to activities and events with more popular girls. KRISI’s message of empowering yourself was the inspiration needed for her to come out of the shadows of loneliness and start reaching out and find new friends.

Kalista: When I was younger, there was a girl who was very tough and really pretty, everyone liked her. I thought I was her friend, but I was more like her minion. So “KRISI” really talks about that in the sense that society says to fit in you need to be acceptable to others, i.e., if you’re pretty or have an “I don’t care attitude”. But we want everyone to know that they should just be themselves because that will get you further in life.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

Kalista: The filming process was very long but it was very eventful. We filmed in multiple locations across Toronto, it was almost like a tour around the city. Also we had multiple clothing changes, such as wearing prom dresses or our signature pink jackets. The filming was awesome.

Ava: Filming our music video was a very fun and amazing experience and we had lots of fun together shooting and going to different places for the video. I would never forget filming my first music video, it was something I had been dreaming about since I was little.

How was the recording process? What was it like?

Ava: The recording process was amazing. We had so much fun singing together and creating our songs. It is very interesting to see everybody’s individuality shine through their voice.

Krisalyn: Recording is so much fun! We love getting to be in a soundproof room which means that we have to wear headphones so we can hear everyone in the other room. The lights in the recording studio can change colour!… Green, blue, red, purple you name it — it’ll be there! There is a microphone in front of you so when you sing you can hear yourself through the headphones, which is pretty cool!

Have you performed “KRISI” live and, if so, what has been the reaction from your fans?

Carina: Yes, we have performed “KRISI” live many times at Ribfests, Youth Day Toronto, and at many more awesome festivals and events. The reaction from the audience has always been positive, and even though it may be their first time hearing the song, they participate by dancing and clapping along. We have also received lots of positive feedback on social media because people are very supportive of promoting anti-bullying.

Sofia: “KRISI” to begin with is a very uplifting song and is one of the highlights of our set, so it translates to the audience whenever we perform it. It’s so great to see people smiling and dancing. Every time we perform it, it’s just so much fun.

What role does Toronto play in your music?

Bella: Toronto and Canada generally is a huge community of different cultures and nationalities. This is reflected in their music choices and offerings. In Toronto we find companies, agencies, and organizations who readily promote good artist development and networking with other professionals that work towards making Toronto a leading environment in Canada to attract talent and support their development and exposure.

Sofia: Toronto is a very multicultural city and I think that Girl Pow-R reflects that. We have a lot of diverse members in the group, and our music is very strong about not just equality amongst girls, but everybody no matter what race they are.

Does this first single mean we can expect an album or EP – how’s that coming along?

Bella: I am thrilled to share that it is in progress. Girl Pow-R records originals and cover songs. We have already recorded 11 cover songs professionally and are ready to record and film our second original song. There are more originals being written and they will ‘go live’ as soon as we they are finsihed.

Kalista: We have more songs in the works and we’re almost ready for one of them to be launched. But be patient, it’ll be worth it. We also have 11 covers coming out, and we cannot wait to release all of this new music for everyone!

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

Ava: We are releasing our first EP around September and it will include four songs. As far as names go, we have not decided what it will be called, but maybe it will just be Girl Pow-R.

Krisalyn: Yes!  You may have already heard of our first original song “KRISI”. We also recorded another original “Stronger Than Yesterday” but we have not released it yet, but we can’t wait!  We are going to be writing and recording two more originals in a month or so. So stay tuned for those! We would love to hear some name suggestions for our EP!

Any plans to hit the road?

Carina: Yes! We just returned from an invitation-only performance in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to perform at the Millennium Music Conference, and we are so excited – we got to do two shows! We, of course, sang, danced and played our instruments.

Milana: In the works: we are going to be performing at the Mod Club in Toronto (with a Spice Girls Tribute band) in May and we will be performing at a Mental Health Charity event In Niagara Falls!  Last but not least we will be performing at Blue Mountain (a ski resort) which is sponsored by The Family Channel — which is very exciting!

What else is happening next in Girl Pow-R’s world?

Carina: We already have 20 shows booked to perform over the next few months and we will also be releasing our second original song “Stronger Than Yesterday” and the music video to go with it, so stay tuned!

Krisalyn: We are always doing things!  Whether it’s a performance or a recording session we are always out inspiring people to have Girl Pow-R.

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