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INTERVIEW: Electro-Pop Artist Fernweher

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I’m great, thank you for asking. My Debut Single has been released last week and I am so excited about on how things are going and the possibilities that are coming up.

 Can you talk to us more about your song “Frozen Beauty”?

Frozen Beauty is a ballad full of longing and melancholy.

It’s the song of a man in complete devotion towards his lover (“Our love is immortal, we are frozen beauty in this world”), but also one who’s struggling to find a place in the world as an individual (“This is a new day how it feels?”).

The vocal line is graceful and glacial, cradling the listener into calmness while the gloomy piano sets an atmosphere of uncertainty, lasting until the end of the song. Actually I’m happy to say that James Blake’s music inspired me a lot in writing this song, especially his last album “The Colour in Anything”

Did any event inspire you to write this song?

Actually no specific event inspired me for the writing of this song.

Around the age of 21 I lived a period in which I felt lost, I was in love, I did not know what to do with my life and I often changed city. I can say that this song is the result of a struggle between making choices for my future and staying close to the people I love.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

It took 3 days to shoot the video and it has been a very fun and constructive experience. The video has been shot in two of the most beautiful places in Apulia (Cisternino and Salento coast) which was elected most beautiful region in the world from National Geographic.

“Frozen Beauty” represents only the first part of the story, which will continue in the next single.

In this video I tell the story of two lovers, metaphorically “The ocean and his shore”, who run to each other to meet. (his instead of it’s to represent the personification)

Their race represents the path of our lives hindered by demons.

Each of these fantastic creatures embodies future fears, failures, different directions, changes (the growing waves) and even death itself.

It is not our daily race that scares us but what will happen next: “This is a new day how it feels?”

When they finally meet filled with hope pictured by the lantern’s light, the demons are half way ready to take their lives.

The multiple finals refer to the possibility of choosing different directions in life: will they meet or will they let their choices possess them? We will discover it in the next video but until then, it’s up to you to decide.

The single comes off your new album The Son Of The Black Ocean – what’s the story behind the title?

First of all, thank you for asking me this question because it’s really important for me to explain the research I did for this album.

All the songs are all connected by the same themes: the connection between the self and the universe and the importance of water.

I think that each one of us, from birth, establishes a physical and spiritual connection with all that surrounds him and the answers can be found only in this personal connection with the great black ocean: the universe. However the universe is too complex and mysterious to be understood. The flow of things is hidden from our gaze.

Water, on the other hand, shows us that nothing is stable, that time and the evolution of events always win, so we must prepare ourselves for an endless transformation.

And it is exactly here that “The son of the black ocean” is born.

He surrenders himself passively in the black water uterus. The currents will carry him away deciding his path. Dipped in water for a long time, he ends up losing weight, leaving a part of his energy to the ocean. He was trying to learn how to perceive energy for how it flows directly into the universe, aspiring to reach a level of pure energy in an empty place without the influences of the world. A personal spot where he was able to focus only on sensitivity and reality. Cultivating this sensibility was his mission.

 How was the recording and writing process?

For me the writing process is a very intimate moment because I usually start collecting idea and sketching the lyrics and then I do my own research to create a personal story. Behind every work that I do there’s a concept so its not just music as I just mentioned in the previous answer. Then I start composing and the song begins to take its shape but actually my fav moment is the recording process. I start playing virtual instruments on Logic with my Mac and my Midi Keyboard and recording the main melody because being at home, in my environment, everything feels so natural and the result its more authentic then. But then I go in a recording and the fun starts. First of all here I have the chance to record the voice in a pro way, and when you do atmospheric music its vitally important to use different mics to records the background voices for example. But there, in front of the mixer, I delete sounds and instruments, layer after layer, until the essential is left. This subtracting is the funniest thing because you actually discover how certain sounds gain different colours.

 How your upbringing has influences your music?

I started playing the piano when I was 11. I was very passionate about classical music, especially the romantic period (Chopin and Brahms) but I was obsessed also with John Cage and Schoenberg.

Later on I studied Jazz and Pop music and I started writing my first songs but I never felt I was in the right place until I heard James Blake’s first album. From that moment I tried to give up all the Pop rules to gain a more minimal, dark and experimental composition method. However I always try to combine electronic and classic music.

What role does UK play in your writing?

UK is a very special country to me. Living in Europe, we all know that American music is increasingly sponsored and has a much wider range. However, most of my fav artists come from the UK and they have a huge influence on my work. James Blake, Sampha, Thom Yorke, FKA twigs, Massive Attack and Amy Winehouse to new a few.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Writing lyrics is one of my productive obsession.

Lyrics comes from different situations: a point of view that I wanted to fix, an adventure in a new place, reading a book… I usually collect all these thoughts and when I feel inspired enough to compose, I already have these ideas in mind.

So I know its crucial for me to write on a daily basis. I devote some time to this activity especially in the mornings.

Any plans to hit the road?

Being an independent artist,  I think the smartest and safest choice for my music is to build everything slowly, to focus on quality and not quantity. Now I want to see how people respond to my music. I want to focus on The Son of the Black Ocean for a long time and bring this project around as much as possible to make people interested in discovering more about it. As soon as  the whole EP will be release, I will organize small live shows in the UK  starting from London clubs.

What else is happening next in Fernweher´s world?

My world is contaminated by art. Music is not my only interest. I consider  what I do a research, hunting  for stories and things. I usually reset everything, move in another city, travel a lot departing from there, read books. At that point I take a brush and begin to paint to define this world visually. You can check out my paintings in the Artworks section of my website here https://www.fernwehermusic.com/

Later on, I transform my personal experience into lyrics and begin to write hundreds of songs. Finally, I reconnect everything  to create my unique story so the listener do not get lost in details. That’s why for me shooting videos for my music is very important.  It is NOT possible to convey everything through words. The “Frozen Beauty” story will continue in the second single.

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