INTERVIEW: The Pacing Party

???? Hi Daniel, welcome to VENTS, how have you been?

Hey! pretty good. Thanks for having me.

???? Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Creep/Freak”?

This song was a really fun one to write and work on, which isn’t always the case. It was probably the easiest song on the record for me to create. It felt really natural and like it kind of just happened on its own. It’s definitely the most upbeat and fun song on the album, a nice break from what is really a pretty melancholy and introspective collection of songs.

???? Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

It was mainly inspired by this girl I had a stupid crush on a while back. She played in this really great band. We met when my old band got offered a gig opening for her band. I was smitten immediately, and over time developed this pretty ridiculous internal obsession with her. It was a harmless thing, but still, I really didn’t know her at all. We had a few friendly chats. I tried to get her attention romantically, but to no avail. She clearly felt pretty indifferent towards me, while I had this imaginary movie going on in my head about how perfect we would be for each other. So I wrote this futile, desperate, silly plea of a song out of that frustration.

???? Any plans to release a video for the single?

If I was to make a music video, this one wouldn’t be my first choice. There’s another song on the record called “I Think This Is A Christmas Song..” that I really want to make a video for. I have it pretty much all mapped out in my mind. Money is sort of tight at the moment unfortunately, so it may get pushed to the back-burner for a while.

If I were to shoot a video for this song though it would definitely end up being a purposefully cheesy maybe in the style of an old blink-182 video. Like combine the vibe of old blink videos with Scream, or some 90’s horror movie, that would be so perfect for this one.

???? The single comes off your new album ‘fine’ -what’s the story behind the title?

It’s kind of purposefully ambiguous. I think the word “fine” is interesting, because it can mean quite a few different things depending on what context it is used in. There’s fine art, or fine wine. Or fine like “damn you’re so fine”. Or “fine” like a reluctant agreement. And then fine like the typical response one might give when asked how they’re doing, or how things are. We say “fine”, because that’s simple and quick and easy. But more than likely, we are not fine at all. Fine is a veiled replacement for the ugly truth of exactly how not fine we might be feeling. This record is a bunch of songs about what is actually going on beneath the surface. It’s about the truth behind, “I’m fine, how are you?”

???? How was the recording and writing process?

Everything on this record was recorded in either my bedroom here in Portland, or my bedroom back in Homer, AK. This collection of songs spans quite a period of time. Some of them were written nearly three years ago now, while others were written just months ago. There’s really nothing I love more than working on songs. I would just hide in my room for days and write and record and re-work things. There’s really no rhyme or reason that I have found to my writing process. I will say it seems like anytime I sit down and try to write a song, it comes out sounding terribly. Inspiration usually comes for me when I’m doing other things, working, spending time with friends, thinking, whatever, and then some little melody or lyric or idea will pop into my head and I’m rushing for a guitar to get it recorded before I forget it.

???? What role does Alaska play in your music?

I’ve spent most of my life in Alaska, so of course that’s going to have an affect on how I write. Homer, my hometown, is this  little artsy costal town. It’s a really inspiring place I think. It’s not like my lyrics are explicitly describing the mountains or the snow or the water or the trees or whatever, but all that stuff is in the music somehow. It’s in the notes and the compositions in ways that I can’t articulate.

???? Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

I guess like anyone else I get inspired by momentous events that happen in my life. I’d say most of the songs on the record were born out of romantic situations and relationships I’ve been in. I’m a fucking hopeless romantic, it’s awful, it isn’t even cute, but it makes for good stories that I hope are relatable.

???? Any plans to hit the road?

I want nothing more than to relentlessly tour these songs . I’m in a bit of a bind right now because I currently do not have a full band of live members. The Pacing Party is still just a solo project of mine, but I am actively seeking people who believe in the music and that want to be a part of this thing full time so that we can tour and get these songs out there.

???? What else is happening next in The Pacing Party’s world?

I’m always writing new music. I’ve already started working on some new songs that I’m really excited about, but for now I’m really focusing on getting a permanent lineup of live members. I want to start playing as many shows as possible aroud Portland, and neighboring cities, and hopefully get some more legitimate touring in pretty soon.

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