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SINGLE REVIEW: Another Mile by The Spiders

Country music or at that country rock music what is it about these genres that make us cringe? Well maybe it is the melody of the songs that just does not cut it for us or the way of the vocal chords coming off the artist or band or it just is not for everyone that may be it. Well when it comes to country rock group The Spiders and their track “Another Mile”, turned from a song into a song later video, brings those genres full circle.

“Another Mile”, is that country music feel with some rock vibes going for it, allowing for it to be one of those songs that you can enjoy believe it or not. It had me smiling ear to ear and singing along after hearing it a handful of times in a row. It even had people across the internet saying it was so catchy and upbeat that they wanted to dance to the moving beats playing off it. So it just depends on the person supposedly. Which turns out to be a good thing than bad thing if that makes much sense. The band that is The Spiders is rather fun to hear and watch in the form of the video that accompanies this single. Their performance skills are in check, while their music skills in the writing and recording sense are right there as well. “Another Mile”, is one of those songs that just gets to you as a person. As the band puts it, it is a song about running, heart, resiliency and the drive to want to achieve our goals is how they put it simply. Which who could not agree with any of that. What they say is right in some many ways than just one. It makes perfect sense really.

We all have had dreams and goals in our lives, some of which we may have experienced and achieve while others still may be leading up to those goals of reaching whatever it is in question. It is something we want out of life and no matter what it takes we will get to it. That is what The Spiders discuss with “Another Mile”, that whatever it takes you can make it through plain and simple. There is no harm in it, you just take your own pace, time, and effort, and just go for it. Nothing more nor nothing less there just need to put in something and go for it cannot be said enough.

As for The Spiders and their song here, both band and song are rather good. You may not like country music or country rock music but you may end up liking what these guys put out. A lot of their material sounds a lot alike, but that is the best part of who they are as musicians. They have got this sense of pride, passion, and power and they put it all into music. Their music they make it work and it takes affect straight away.

“Another Mile”, is just another one of those tracks with a band that keeps it rolling. It becomes a song you could listen too at any cost and smile back because you can either relate to it or not, it is just a fun outgoing song with a band, just trying to achieve their goals with music creation.

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