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CD REVIEW: In2 the Arms of Love by Jupiter In Velvet

Jupiter In Velvet’s “In2 the Arms of Love”, is an album of pride, passion, and U.K. aggression of the punk rock era. Sort of while this is not a punk rock release there are some elements thrown in that music it be its own rendition of rock music, with an added effect to the mix, of electronic dance music. You say what now what? Yes it is a rock album built on rock music, with electronic dance music tossed in as well. How does it all sound in the long run. Well not half bad really.

It starts off like this, “Til the End of The World”, is the first single turned video of a song off this album, which has already been gaining the attention of all who have checked it out in some way. How does the track sound off well it sounds rather rock n’ roll based with the vocal chords hitting their marks spot on. Having the instruments coming in with their dynamics having certain hooks, riffs, synths and drums all sharing their own traits of progression and pride. It makes the song more effective and rock based. It keeps that feeling alive as it were, it never drops the flow of rock it keeps it running if that works for you.

Besides that song though, other songs off this album include such as “I’m So Ready”, “How It’s Gonna Be”, and “Nowhere 2 Run”. These songs plus the released single, all what really make this album work the best, instead of the least. These selection of songs make this album bring out that rock music rhythm, more so than the electronic music side. That aspect of the genre is placed throughout the album with its sound effects done to the vocal chords or instrumentals, having them sound nice. But the real progression comes from the rock music appeal giving off that vibration to the beats of the music.

When you listen to this album though a lot of the past era comes into play, like the 70’s and 80’s time frame. Such acts like Iron Maiden, Poison or Whitesnake, could be heard on this album. A lot of those bands style is a lot like what Jupiter In Velvet are doing with their genre pickings. They got the same formula going for them, the same style of vocals with instruments keeping that pride of rock music uplifting and bright.

Jupiter In Velvet just bring out the U.K. tone a bit more so than other acts from other places across the globe. You can hear a lot of that in this release as well. It just has this giant mixture of various material that you can get a sense of differences in each track. Like one could sound easy going, while the next has this power ballad feel for it. While another one may bring out a pure rock tone, that it is like a new surprise with each track.

“In2 the Arms of Love”, by Jupiter Velvet is a piece of work. It brings out various differences to the ear that can be enjoyed by the listener, whoever it may be, that ends up listening to the rock electronic music coming from across the pond.

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by Jon McCall

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