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Damon Hess and Becca B Make Vibing House Cut “Ready & Waiting”

Once again displaying some high quality and originality in their releases, Somn’thing Records have just put out the newest track from Sheffield’s very own Damon Hess. Despite having only been putting out music since the start of the year, the label have dropped some killer releases, and this latest offering is another one of those.

“Ready & Waiting” has been made with Becca B, with Hess explaning: “She had already written this brilliant vocal for ‘Ready & Waiting’, so I worked with her on the production of the track, added my finishing touches to give you this all out deep house classic.”  There is endless groove and musicality evident here, and with its subtle deep flavours, it will undoubtedly get played out a lot before the year is out.

Nab it here.

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