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INTERVIEW: Jessica Martindale

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Walk The World”? 

Since writing Walk the World, I have had the opportunity to sing this song in refugee camps in Kurdistan, Iraq, safe houses in India and to beautiful audiences all over the US. Walk the World has been my vehicle for transcending language barriers and cultural differences. It’s a song about love. And, in my opinion, love and music are two things that make sense no matter where you are. When I sing this song I envision the faces in refugee tents and the survivors from human trafficking.  An image that will probably keep this song alive for me for years to come.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song? 

I wrote this song with my dear friend, Anelda Spence, who is from South Africa. We have both moved around the world quite a bit and were talking about the love that would travel to you no matter the distance. The kind of love that knows no bounds. In all honesty, Anelda and I tend to write depressing songs most of the time, so she intentionally brought a guitar-ukulele in hopes something happy would come- and it did. Walk the World was written in about an hour.

Can you talk to us more about the upcoming video?

The music video for Walk the World is a compilation of global images. From Asia to Kenya. Middle East to Napa Valley. England to right here in Nashville, TN. Thanks to technology, I was able to invite my global fan base to be a part of this music in a tangible way. I asked for 10 second clips and received an hour and a half of 10 second footage from fans around the world. People are singing along to Walk the World, showing off their beautiful views and loved ones. So many happy images made editing surprisingly enjoyable.

How was the recording and writing process? 

I actually tried recording this song three times before it became what it is today. It’s an upbeat tune, so it can easily become a bubble-gum-sunshine extravaganza, but when it did, I missed the truth-telling soul in it. Honestly, I was pretty frustrated with recording this song, was about to give up on it, but Sam Ashworth and Richie Biggs got their hands on it and gave Walk the World the life it’d been looking for. Jeff Taylor, from the Time Jumpers, hopped on keys and once he did, everyone in the studio couldn’t help but smile. The song had found its voice.

Does Nashville plays a role in your sound? 

Yes. Incredibly so. I lived in California for years before moving here. I wrote all the time by myself in CA, but Nashville taught me how to funnel all of my feelings into a coherent song. I’ve learned so much by co-writing and being surrounded by A level musicians ALL the time. You can’t help but step up your game.

Nashville also has changed how I record. We recorded Walk the World and the rest of my 10 song album in 3 days. All live. Only adding BGVs afterwards. I love that process. It’s exhilarating. When you are recording live, I think you feel that energy as a listener. It isn’t perfect, but it is real and I think people are craving a real sound again. I guarantee you, if I lived in CA still, my recording process would have been very different.

How has your life and different jobs influence you as an artist? 

I have been a behavioral therapist for kids with autism, a baker, a sales woman of choral music, I’ve worked in recruiting, HR, the list goes on…all of these jobs helped shape me.

I think being a behavioral therapist broke me in a good way. Much of my job was encountering and studying raw human emotion. I was with parents when they’d reach their breaking point. I was with kids when they said their first words at 6 or 7 years old. It was a beautiful, hard job that I had when I was young enough for it to leave a big impression and ultimately, it effected how I view the world. You never know another’s story, but I believe when we show up honestly and share what’s going on in our life you will meet others going through the same thing. That job is one of the reasons I am drawn to singing about real things that have happened in my life, or emotions I have intensely felt. I feel like it’s my duty to share these things, in hopes it will meet someone in their journey at just the right time.

Working in HR taught me I can go as far as I want, if I work hard and smart enough. Working with senior leadership in a large company was like free schooling in problem solving and strategy development. Independent artists are small business owners, so the lessons I learned during that time have served me in countless ways.

Does the single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along?

YES! I have a second single coming out in July and my first full length album, Warrior, coming out August 12th.

Any plans to hit the road? 

I have been on the road for a while now and will only continue ramping up as we keep releasing music. I will be on the west coast this summer and the fall tour is starting to fall into place!

What else is happening next in Jessica Martindale’s world?

Walk the World is releasing Friday, May 27th and the music video will be coming out on Friday, June 10th. Im playing all over America in the next several months and would love to meet anyone who is reading this article. Hopefully, I’ll be playing somewhere near you soon.

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