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Omega Diatribe

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been doing?

Hajer: Hi man! We released our full-lenght debut album, called IAPETUS and the things went great! We’ve got some nice reviews and possibilities after releasing over the world. We had made some great deal with the french La Bam Production, who’s helped to us to distribute our music in France and Europe. We’re really excited about that.

Ákos: Hi!


Can you please introduce and tell us more about the band?

Ákos: Well, here are some secrets. We started the band with Hájer in the year 2008 to create heavy, polyrhythmic but also groovy metal music. After bags of searching we finally found each other with the others. So Omega Diatribe’s became a whole for 2011 with the line-up:
Gergely Komáromi – Vocal
Gergő Hájer – Guitar
Attila “Csosz” Császár – Guitar
Dávid “Kaffer” Metzger – Drums
Ákos Szathmáry – Bass


What´s the story behind the band´s name?

Ákos: We have a true story (from my imagination.. haha..) for the meaning of Omega Diatribe:
There’s a secret ancient writing stem from an unknown alien civilization, a contract between Humans and Aliens about the use of the planet Earth. The government calls it „Omega Diatribe”. This contract says Humans could only use the Earth in a limited time. Overtime is not allowed.
When our time is over they’ll come back and take us to a higher level planet. Only the open minded people could survive the transmission, cuz their mind can undergo the changes of the human body.


What are your music influences?

Hajer: We’re mainly influenced by the swedish sanes as you can here. But we want to stay as a “modern metal” band,so  we don’t want to be a perfect swedish copy. Our favourites are mostly the modern metal classics, but we want to create some crazy low tuned polirhytmic stuff combined with modern metal elements.

Ákos: We also listen to a lot of other genres, both electronic and live music. So in parts you can find the feelings of these in the tracks of IAPETUS.


¨IAPETUS¨ – how was the recording and writing process?

Hajer: I had a lot of demo songs, and we just selected the bests, and try to take it to an album. So most the time, I wrote the basics of the riffs, and we’ll work out as perfect as we can with the guys.
The recording process is took 1 year. We recorded the full album at our studio. The sound engineering stuff was done by me, the final mix & master process too. I tried to made the best audio quality as I can.


Why you guys took so long?

Ákos: We always have a clear vision of what we’d like to do and achieve. Ergo we tried to get as close as we can to our notion and find the best sounding we can create by ourselves. We did not record the album in the classic way like recording each instrument successively for the entire album. Instead we moved on track by track, so we had the opportunity to continuously improve the sounding. Therefore it was a long process cause we did this the first time and we really tried to do our best.


How did you guys come up with the title?

Ákos: This is not a concept album but yet we tried to find a name which can summarize the atmosphere of the songs and lyrics and our own minds. Iapetus is the third largest moon of Saturn and it has two-tone coloration (dark and bright sides). I think in life there is always a bright side and a dark side too. Good days, bad days are changing, and everybody has a good and a bad side.


Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics in the songs and lyrics in this record?

Hajer: The instrumental inspiration is just came from the LIFE, you know. We try to make an audio picture to the crowd, what is inside our mind. We don’t really like the mainstream shit, so we want to create some really bizarre and rough music. I hope it succeeded (hahaha…).

Ákos: Yes, and the desire to create something that is enjoyable for other people and last but not least for us.


Will you be hitting the road soon?

Hajer: Sure, we had some booked show inside our country, but we want to take a chance and book some shows outside our country. It’s a really hard step in the bands life here in Hungary, but we hope it will be possible for us.


What’s happening next in Omega Diatribes´ world?

Hajer: We’re gonna hit the road off course as we did in 2013 and we gonna start to rehearse our new tracks for the next record. We have a loads of unfinished tracks and ideas. This is the main plans for the 2014, and come whatever may… 🙂


Where can we find more about your music?

Hajer: You should check out us on Facebook for sure. http://facebook.com/omegadiatribe
We have a YouTube channel too: http://youtube.com/omegadiatribe
You can download our debut album for FREE here:
and you can order some merch or CD here:
These are the basic pages where u can find some information about the band, but off course you can also check out us on the other musical page too.
And finnaly thank you for the chance for this interview!
All the best!


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