Jay Jai

1. Can you please introduce and tell us more about yourself (history)?

What up world it’s ya’ boy Jay Jai… I am an R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Experimental, Urban Artist.
I grew up in the Bay Area and have been interested in music since the age of ten. I’ve been chasing this music thing since the early 90’s, been in a handful of groups, and did some of the behind the scenes type things-song writing, production, and collaboration with rappers and other R&B artists. In 2003 I decided to take my music and my dreams into my own hands and introduce myself to the internet with my first release, “Variety Pack.” Fast forward ten years later, I am continuing to build my catalog and am on my fifth digital release, “Backseat Diary.”


3. Who are your musical influences?
I’ve always been into artists that changed the music game in some type of way, such as Prince, Timbaland, and R.Kelly. They brought a level of creativity to the table and that’s what I fell in love with- that creative process of bringing something new to the table each and every time keeping music fresh. Thinking of it now, these are the artists I look up to, so that might be why I have a 90’s sound.


4. It Is What It is – Can you talk to us more about it?

“It is what it is” is a popular saying and in this case it is attached to a common story of relationships. So many people want to be in a relationship so badly that they settle for any kind, even if it is nothing more than sexually based. Many will down play each other by calling each other names when describing each other to their friends (“That’s just some nigga I fuck with,” “that’s just my fuck buddy,” or “that just this Bitch I’m fucking “ ) trying to down play the fact that they have feelings for each other, instead agreeing to just keep it physical and ignore the feelings. The song plays on this sharing a story of two people who started out as having fun and developed feelings.


5. How was the recording and writing process?
The recording process was actually fun for me. Being able to create in the moment bringing ideas to life, coming up with the best melody to compliment the story. I guess I was in a zone or something because everything flowed so well and I was able to capture each song perfectly.


6. How did you come up with the title?
I was actually in my backseat at the time carrying a conversation on the phone. The conversation got a little deep. I found myself answering a question that seemed really personal at the time, so jokingly I said, ‘’ You got me sitting in my backseat sharing my intimate secrets with you as if I just wrote a page in my diary’’ it kind of stuck with me after that.


7. Where does the inspiration for the songs and lyrics generally come from?

This time around I wanted to give something more reflective of me, something personal so I touched on a lot of incomplete stories that I had in my life- old relationships, lost friends, and any unresolved situation from old feelings to new feelings. I put myself back into a place with those emotions and wrote some personal stuff, so for me it really feels like I’m sharing pages out of my diary… and Backseat Diary was born.


8. Any plans to tour throughout Canada, North America, the world?
If Canada, North America, and anywhere in the world would have me I would love to go, but for now I’ll be doing shows locally with plans to tour California. I’m sure we will hit up other states as well.


9. Any hilarious moments while hitting the road?
I performed at a venue once with no stage. It was standing room only so I was bumping into people while I was performing. I’m not even sure if the people knew there was a show. No one could really see me; I was just part of the crowd. Not that good of an experience, but it does make me laugh when I think about it.


10. What’s happening next in Jay Jai’s world

Well, I just dropped my fifth digital release, Backseat Diary, so I plan on pushing the new project, putting more shows together, and getting people involved in my movement with more videos and music and just keep introducing people to my catalog so I can build a healthy fan base.


11. Where can we find more about your music?
Fans, new and old can find my music digitally on

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