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Tone Indbryn

Who’s Tone Indbryn?
I am a singer/songwriter, lyricist , poet. Acoustic guitar and I are best of friends; with a little piano in the mix. I always make time to play sing and perform each and every day.my favourite spot to practice/write being outside on a beach or by a stream Nature is very important to me. I practice yoga and have done so for over15 years it’s very grounding and healing keeps me coming back to my focus which is music. I love to be out in nature and I always seem to find myself living in rural areas.

I was born in Vancouver BC to immigrant parents from Norway, My parents are obsessed with classical music and the training of my ears started at a very young age falling asleep under the piano as my Dad poured over Beethoven, Chopin, Bach Mozart I feel giving me an understanding of music much the same way I understand language. I suppose my parents passion rubbed off as my life is music.


How did you get started in the music scene? During my youth I got a gig touring around BC in a Vaudeville Show and from there I continued in school, musical theatre choir etc. I never really stopped I was very involved in the slam scene in East Vancouver before it exploded and we used to have combination nights music poetry dance you name it . It was all very creative and experimental an exciting time .lots of boundaries being broken in terms of performance content.


What’s the story behind your stage name? I just use my name it happens to work as it is a Norwegian name, Tone is my real name.


What are your music influences? I am influenced by creative artists such as Kate Bush, Lori Anderson, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, and Patti Smith. I respect these artists as they seem to come from a place of great integrity as musicians and writers, I feel a deep connection to these artists and I strive to bring that same connection to my audiences through the music I am creating.


What’s the message you are looking to spread with your music? To be expressive and creative and say what you need to say whatever that is even if it is not what everyone wants to hear, be true to the inner self.


So you are working on a new album. Can you give us more info about it? Any official release date, title in mind?
I am recording a new album that is quite different from my past ventures and due to be released this spring. Phil Krawczuk my producer, who is an amazing musician has taken me under his wing and is working with me. I am learning so much from his experience and insight. I feel so lucky to have someone to help me with an outside view sometimes you can get so caught up in your own world you don’t even know what things sound like anymore. He is very good at being objective and pulling out of me the essence of what the song is saying.


What’s your method at the time of writing a song? The songs just get written no method they seem to write themselves. I just let them come and respect that part of me that gets brave, says what needs to be said.


What has been one of the funniest moments you have been or took part while touring?
Not sure if this was the funniest but it was a strange experience. When I was in the Vaudeville show dressed up like a horse badly hung over performing for a room full of 7 year olds trying desperately not to spew my night before all over the young eager crowd only to pass out at the end of the show. Not my most brilliant performance by far but memorable.


Are there any plans for the future we should be aware of? Well we are in the studio and putting the final touches for our spring release, currently booking our summer shows and festivals. The project we are working on is quite extensive there is a lot of material in the works both poetically and musically, it will be quite different with much more music to come after the release as well.


Where can we find more about your music? www.reverbnation.com/toneindbryn or www.sonicbids.com/Tone.Indbryn, www.facebook.com/toneindbryn there are some premixes on the sites. Google Tone Indbryn and you will find me.


Do you feel like you’re moving on the right direction? Yes I feel that things are coming together for me and it is exciting to see this particular project take shape. I am proud of this album and look forward to sharing it with the world.

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