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Black Vendetta

Hey Nathan! Happy 2013! How have you be doing?:

Happy 2013 to you too! I’ve been doing alright thanks. The year is yet to come to life yet but I’m sure it will do at some stage. It feels the same as 2012 thus far but without the traditional annual theory that the world is coming to an impending end. Ah well, if things get desperate I can always start one myself as there’s bound to be enough gullible people out there who will believe me!


For those who didn’t catched our last interview, tell us more about Black Vendetta?:
Black Vendetta is basically me (et. al, on occasions) but the side of me that drinks a lot and writes bloody good songs. In some ways an alter ego if you will.


What are your music influences?:
Typically, pretty much all the guitar based music in history apart from the stuff from the last decade (in other words, everything apart from the shite “music” I was forced to come of age with).


What’s your method at the time of writing a song?:
I only ever write a song if I already have an idea for one. I NEVER sit down with no ideas to attempt to create something because the result would be a song that nobody would want to listen to (especially me). Always write the music first and then the lyrics second. Songwriting rarely works the other way round in my experience.


Draconian Backlash. How was the recording and writing process? How you came out with the album’s title?
The process: (see above). The title: It just popped into my head when reading the comments on an article in a right-wing newspaper. I just thought (as usual) it was the typical, miserable draconian backlash that is so typical of the British public and bingo, an album title!


So you are planning to hit the road?:
Well I’m always playing gigs but no plans for a tour as such. Partly because I can’t afford it and also because I’m not quite ready to become a Spinal Tap-like stereotype of a rock star just yet.


Are there any more plans for the future?:
Get involved in a tempestuous and doomed marriage, become an alcoholic and wind up in rehab. Yep, I do indeed! Although not yet I do ultimately intend to follow the rock star blueprint to the letter!


Since we last spoke, has there been any funny moment you have been involved while touring?:
Nope. I still manage to wander from gig to gig completely unburdened by amusing anecdotes. Although I’ll try and punch someone in the face at my next gig so that I have a story for next time if you like?


Where can we find more about your music?:
You can (and, to avoid dastardly consequences WILL) all go to www.reverbnation.com/blackvendettababy and www.myspace.com/blackvendettababy


Do you still feel you’re moving on the right direction?
I sodding hope so!

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