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World Wide Pocket


Who’s WWP? How you guys met and came together to create this band? World Wide Pocket is a project formed and spearheaded by Produced/Engineer  “Been Lookin’ “. Following years of touring with psychedelic rock bands such as ( LSZ, Venture Lift, The Alchemy Unit ) (to name a few) in the Boston and Nyc area, he was ready to try a new approach, create a studio band as free form as possible, with the sole purpose being to uplift and enlighten the listeners through sonic interplay and freedom of expression. The possibility for the project really took form when “Been Lookin’ ” met NYC based underground composer “Wise William” while performing at a music Festival in New York state. The two hit it off almost immediately, ad began to mess around in the studio. Realizing the clear oneness and focus of their shared vision lead to the formation of “W.W.P.”


What’s the story behind the band’s name?
World Wide Pocket came from a discussion between “B. Lookin’ ” “W.William” and a hired gun guitarist/bassist known as “Shua” the discussion was about how everything any of us need is right there in our “pocket” all though the pocket may be in some one else’s pants, or Vise versa. We considered that a pretty cool thought, and then as we considered the we are world sharing in a groove, and for there to be a groove, there needs to be a Pocket, that common space that we constantly refer back to. From there the name was born.


What’s your method at the time of writing a song?
We keep the writing process loose, hand picking and inviting all sorts of various artists, and musician to work on tracks with us, only asking that they be well practiced and prepared. Then once we are all together just play whatever moves us the most at that moment. Often a bass, keyboard, drum or guitar part will be the opening “phrase” we’ll often create a “loop” of sorts from that part and allow it to play repeated, sometimes for days, and really try to absorb the sound, and play to and with it, until more phrases take shape, and in time the “song” if created.


What are your music influences?
Nearly too many to list, We are influenced by all music, and are true connoisseurs delving into every genre to learn and experience and evolve. But as a small list  “John Zorn”, “Kraftwerk” , “Moby”, “Stereolab”, “The Grateful Dead”, “Fela Kuti”, “Bach”, “Shulze”, “Can”, “Gong” and many many more…


Are there any plans for the future?
Yes to continue to produce and evolve. We being a studio band, don’t play many live gigs but have had so many offers of late, have considered the possibility. So perhaps that could be on the horizons for us?


What has been the funniest moment you guys have been or took part while playing a gig or touring?
I think one of the greatest moments for us was at the end of a two and a half hour set, the entire audience sat speechless for about 2mins before realizing we have even finished playing, and then began to applaud. It really felt as if we had accomplished something that night.


Do you guys feel you are moving on the right direction?
Yes between the 40,000+ member following, our music being placed on the world wide on radio stations in countries like the UK, Russia, Argentina, Italy, Egypt, USA, China, Japan ect. Not to mention and websites and libraries like Spotify, Last.fm, itunes, amazon, zune ect. Feels like we are gaining ground, and effecting people with our offerings, we are excited to see what the future will hold for “W.W.P.”


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