1. Tell us a brief history of your band?

My band ViliFi has been playing around the Central Florida area for about 4 years now. We’ve developed a consistent following around Brevard County and we feel that we are more than ready to branch out and make new friends and fans throughout the country and elsewhere.


2. What is the meaning behind the band’s name?

It is our spin on the word Vilify, which means to slander or speak ill of something. I feel that every song can be interpreted to be slandering something in someway, be it relationships, government, pollution, or the music industry itself.


3. What inspires you to write music?

My life and those around me inspire me the most. I use music as an outlet to recover from loss, or to express perseverance, excitement and everything in between. I can’t always pinpoint exact inspirations for certain songs, but over time it usually becomes more clear.


4. What was the inspiration for your song “Better Days” from your “Common Eyes” Album in 2011?

That song is really simply about trying to keep your head above water when it seems like everything around you is completely falling apart. In those times it can help to take a good hard look at yourself and ponder what you can do better yourself for the future.


5. As a group, what is your favorite song on your album “Common Eyes”

I think we could all agree that the song “Anguish” is very profound. It really sums up the entire album in one song by covering most of the spectrums and colors we strive to blend with our sound. We never want to be pigeonholed as just a rock band and I feel that song displays that well. “Travail” would definitely be a close second.


6. What song from your recent album is most popular with your fans?

We have the privilege of drawing fans from many different genres, so the feedback is forever varying. We have many rock fans that love the song “Sympathy“, while many others love the song “Commonize“. “Commonize” was written to easily appeal to everyone, so I’d say that’s probably the best bet.


7. Are you working on material for a new album?

I’ve had the advantage of having a very long time to write whenever inspiration strikes. I have mountains of demo’s stored in my computer and I am extremely anxious to pursue recording them whenever we are given the opportunity. We paid for this last album out of our own pockets

and with a few generous donations from friends and family. The goal is to find someone willing to help us fund the next record so that we can really put as much work into it as we see fit, without worrying about time constraints like we have in the past.


8. Your tour schedule is pretty extensive. How is life on the road?

It will be our maiden voyage and first tour so we are all very excited about it! The details are still being worked out and we know that we will be roughing it at times but that is to be expected. We’ll willingly take the good with the bad and do whatever it takes to get this thing going.


9. Have any fans recognized you off stage?

Around town it happens often and it’s very flattering. I’ve played with many groups in the past in this same area so I always make a point to let everyone know about ViliFi and where to check us out next.


10. Who in the band likes to have the most fun?

I’d say that is easily me. We all have tons of fun on and off stage, but I definitely take the cake and eat it too.


11. How can fans spread the word about ViliFi to make you a household name?

They can check us out at, like our page at, and follow us on Twitter @ViliFi321. Our album is available on iTunes, Amazon and many other sites all over the web and we always have them at shows. We are also on Pandora, Spotify, I Heart Radio and many other music sites. Please check out our schedule and head out to a show near you! We always have a great time and would love you to join us J


Questions by Evena Seneque

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