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Frank Palangi

Who’s Frank Palangi?

A solo artist bringing new music that is a creative sonic blend of rock music that remolds his sound, thought-provoking lyrics, while offering great melodies and arrangement for the modern audience with a positive outlook.


How you got started in the music scene?

The project I developed in 2006 but things really didn’t start to hit the scene till 2010 when I met rock band “Day of Fire” and worked with them and their producer, Rogers Masson, on my debut EP in Nashville, TN.

The whole experience of flying from Upstate, NY to Nashville, TN and working around the top studios and being around the scene was amazing! I really started to push the EP tracks toward the mainstream and get my name out there.


What are your music influences?

Metallica, Megadeth, Def Leppard, Godsmack, Creed, 3 Doors Down, Three Days Grace, Johnny Cash.


What’s your method at the time of writing a song?

I usually start with the guitar. Get the structure down, feeling and connection with the piece. Then the words and what I feel the song is about, comes out piece by piece. I then record a demo version of just acoustic and vocals and move on to a full instrumental demo that I perform all the instruments for. I like writing the music and being really creative ever since a kid with getting into the world of movies and learning how they were made. Anything to build up from scratch and seeing how each process unfolds, it’s exciting.


How you felt when you heard you will be opening for acts such as TRAPT, HURT, FUEL and how was the experience?

It was awesome! It’s great to see hard work pay off. I had been trying for a while to open for bands like that and it really was one after another once it started. I loved being able to go backstage and load-in the back where everyone doesn’t get to go…lol Talking with the people who work there and in the bands are part of the experience. I was very grateful they had me open for them. Fuel liked the set and we did another show on their tour as well. I give props to my live band I play with for being flexible and giving it their all. Talking with the fans I have and meeting new people and connecting at the merch booth and where ever they may stop me is what I love about these shows. I look forward to more shows like that and I’m the easy going type, where if anyone wants to talk with me and ask me questions, it’s my pleasure to do so.


So I got understand you are working on new material. Can you give us some insights about that. Any official release date, title for the album yet?

No release date yet. Some details I can give ya. I’m re-mixing and re-doing the vocal tracks to the EP to give a fresh take. “I AM READY” will be on their with a new track I’m working on now called “Frozen”. It’s a rock ballad side, something a bit different like a Daughtry, Goo Goo Dolls type with a different take. That track will be geared more toward mainstream radio that wouldn’t really play hard rock type tracks. 3/4 more songs will be recorded. One called “THANK YOU”. It’s def. going to be my full realized version of what each finished song should be and holds up to the artists of today. I can’t really say much more right now. Stay tuned :)


What has been the funniest moment you have been or took part while touring?

Couple times of doing radio interviews and screwing up the liners and them keep em for the air. My guitarist took a hotel room pillow and it was worn and torn anyways…. but he wore it as a shirt and ripped off on stage like the Hulk…. I was like, ohh…no….lol


Are there any more plans for the future we should be aware of?

I’m in audio mixing and side producing too. I’m just focusing on the shows, song writing, and expanding my network base. I’m still looking for a label that believes in what I do and wants to work with me not just take the artists $ and do nothing. A few cases I’ve ran into that.


Where can we found more about your music?





“I AM READY” new single


Do you feel you are moving on the right direction?

I believe in myself. I have the will, determination, drive and passion to keep moving forward in my career. “I have no plan B in backing down on my dreams”. I see the progression. Through new contacts doors have been opening and I’ve been blessed. I appreciate my family, friends, fans and anyone who has helped me along the way.


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