Who’s Scorned? How you guys all met and decided to start this band?

Bobby: I came in late they, were looking for another guitarist. We got together and it was then set in stone.

J: Scorned consists of J. Biggs on vocals and guitar, Bobby Crossno III on guitar, Brian Pharis on bass, and Dave Combs on drums. Scorned was actually formed way back in 2002 but in 2006 disbanded when J joined the army. In 2010 after J was medically retired from the army the band was reformed at a 4th of july party and thats when Scorned was reborn.


What’s the story behind the band’s name?

Bobby: I walked into and established band.

J: The name originated from what most of the original members of the band had felt their life and childhood was. We all felt we had been scorned for life and it not only became the band name but also became a life motto.


What are your music influences?

Bobby: Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd, Rammstien, Deftones, System of a down, A Perfect circle, Pantera

J: Theres all kinds of differant influences from punk to metal to industrial metal, even a little classic rock, classical, and odd music fits. Metallica, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, Disturbed, Godsmack, Guns N Roses, Avenged Sevenfold, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Richard Wagner, Jack Johnson, etc. The list goes on and on. We have love for all types of music.


How was it to open for Anvil and Taproot?

Bobby: Anvil was sick and those guys are great, Taproot “lol”

Brian: Anvil kicked ass, those guys are legend and are very meet-n-greet friendly. Taproot was cool, but, there was an issue with the power overloading but the any second spent on stage is a good thing to me.

J: Anvil was our first national act and was an awesome experience. Lips and Robbo were amazing to the other bands and stayed and watched them. Crowd was awesome and really helped launch us and gained us a lot of respect at the show. Couldn’t ask for a better cherry poppin. Taproot was awesome as well. They’re crowd was very good to us and we had a lot of fun. National acts keep coming. Recently as March we opened for Straight Line Stitch and June 25th we had an national act open for us which was cool. Really loved that Twitch Angry came all the way from Cali and got the fans ready for us. Was an all around amazing show.


So tell us more about your album “Addictions”? How was the recording and writing process? Any exact release date yet in mind for the reissue? How you came out with the album’s name?

Bobby: Addiction, is about anything, Sex, Drugs,Rock n’Roll, Violence, Lust. Album name came easy because everyone has an addiction.

Brian: Addiction is our first album and I enjoyed creating it. Every song on it started with some wild ryhtym and just ended up building up to create an almost perfectly formed dew drop

J: This is our debut album and its a re-issue. The first time we released J’s hand had been broken and couldn’t play guitar so we wanted to re-record it the way it sounds when we play on stage. So the whole album got recorded again and came out ten times better. A lot of the songs in the album are based on either relationships or war. All are written from personal experiences. They’re real life things that have happened and are emotional. The whole album is exactly that, brutal and honest about life. The fun part of this album was mixing two bands material. Bobby and Brian came and added some from their previous band and added it to the material Scorned had already written. Which is what makes the writing of our second album, thats due out somewhere from oct-jan., even more fun. Its pretty much all new material to all of us. The recording process itself was real simple songs we had been playing for a while so all we had to do was go in record and get it done. We’re reissuing the Addiction album August 3rd. The name of the Addiction album came from the title track and was based on an experience of J’s. J had been in a relationship were he had to llok at who he was with and see them destroying themselves with meth. Realizing what it was doing to her and what is what doing to their relationship inspired the song and hopefully it sends out a good message that that stuff is bad news.


Are there any plans for the near future?

Bobby: We constantly have new things thrown our way and we take them on head first “battle up”.

J: Right now the plans are to re issue Addiction and then in october or january, somewhere in there, we will be releasing our second album Shower of Agony. Gotta keep this momentum going is the biggest plan, can’t ease up. We gotta keep putting the petal to the metal, the metal to the metal, and keep working as hard as we can. Keep building our great fan base that grows more and more everyday.


What has been the funniest moment you have been or took part while touring?

Bobby: Watching a hard ass, BAMF get turned into a little girl due to a fear of heights at the Grand Canyon.

Brian: Not so funny, but lost in N. Cali on some “hills have eyes” back road, an experimental lab test site, and giant bats flying out of nowhere. Where is the gun.

J: I think the funniest thing on tour was when we had just finished a show and were driving. We had one of those hills have eyes moments. After finishing the show we were driving about an hour from where we had played and had passed this really creepy looking building that looked like somewhere scientific experiments were being done. We laughed about and got closer and read the sign and true to form it was a scientific lab. It was kind of creepy and we moved past the building and about a mile down the road this huge bat flys out of nowhere. This wasn’t a normal bat. This was like a mutated larger bat. It’s wings were as long as legs. Gave us all heart attacks. After words we all laughed because if there was ever a hills have eyes moment, that was it.


What’s your method at the time of writing a song?

Bobby: Just go for it, and some alcohol.

J: Musically by just being us and jamming out. Lyrically there’s a notebook next to the toilet, enough said haha.


Do you feel you are moving on the right direction?

Bobby: I feel we cant do anyting but go forward. We played more show and have been to more places than bands that have been played 3 times as long as we have.

J: Very much so. Things just keep getting better and better for us and the more eyes we open the more impact we’ll make. There’s a very big future for ScornedWith the talent and work ethic this band has things can only get bigger and better.


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