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Bookshelf Plans

Who’s Bookshelf Plans?

-Bookshelf Plans is me, Josh Baker. I write the music. I arrange the instruments. I play all the instruments. I record all the instruments. I write the vocals. I sing. I mix. I equalize. All of this is done via iRig, GarageBand, and an iPhone or iPod touch(whichever has the most room at this point). All of that is done in Vero Beach, Florida. I am getting real brown thanks to the sun, beach, and summer.


How you got started in the music scene?

-I got started in the music scene early on in my terrible music loving days. I guess at the point the music wasn’t that terrible. Anyways, I played my first show in a high-school talent show as a freshman. After that my first REAL show was in West Palm Beach, Florida. I think the name of the place was Ray’s Downtown Blues or something equally as cheesy as that. After being in bands that I didn’t want to be in and being in bands where the other people didn’t want to be in bands I started doing everything myself. I don’t have to worry about Mr. Guitar having a problem with his girlfriend breaking his instrument and mr. Drums unable to make it because his ‘m’ in “Mr” wasn’t capitalized. These aren’t real events but they sure sound like it.


What are your music influences?

-My musical influences range from Bill Evan’s Trio to (a guilty pleasure) Counting Crows and everything in between. Actually, Counting Crows is more like soda. It’s weirdly too good for it to be so bad for you. Every day noise is an influence. If you listen hard enough to annoying sounds (jack hammering, kids screaming ‘ICE CREAM’, the screeching noise women make when they haven’t seen their good friend in a while and they walk in as a surprise, frat farts, KIA commercials, etc.) they can be turned into songs. Isn’t that what songs are about anyways?


What has been the funniest moment you guys have been or took part while touring or playing a gig?

-We, as in myself, haven’t had many funny-funny moments on tour or playing a gig BUT they have happened while guitar shopping in stores where the bathrooms don’t have those primitive locks on the stalls. Needless to say…I never got that guitar.


Are there any more plans for the future we should be aware of?

Oh, there are! Everything I’m doing is a future plan. Keep up with me on Soundcloud (http://soundcloud.com/bookshelfplans), Twitter (http://twitter.com/bookshelfplans), Facebook (http://facebook.com/bookshelfplans), or YouTube (http://youtube.com/filldirtmusic).


What’s your method at the time of writing a song?

-It varies. It is usually at night with coffee involved. The coffee does good things for my voice.


Do you guys feel you are moving on the right direction?

Yes. Even though it feels like it’s either now or never I’m fighting through that feeling. I’m broke, jobless with no luck of finding a job, and losing a lot. This isn’t stopping me. It’s actually pushing me harder than I ever thought I could be pushed. I know I’m heading the right direction because I know I am. That may sound redundant but it’s quite a powerful affirmation.


Oh and listen to my music!

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