So who’s Jaloes?

I am a telecommunication engineer, which is the daily job that brings me money, and a composer of contemporary classical music, which is the nightly activity that brings me pleasure. I live in Madrid, Spain, and I started writing songs in 2008. I have learnt the principles of music and I play the piano, but my ear training and composition has been principally self-taught.


What’s your method at the time of writing a song?

I don’t have a strict method for writing, but I like to use some elements from the minimalism and post-minimalist music, like layering of simple melodies, consonant harmony or the additive process. I write in front of a keyboard to play the melodies I build, and I use a sequencer with software instruments to edit and record on a laptop computer.


You ever wanted to make instrumental/classic/ambient music or you ever thought of doing something else?

Most of my music is contemporary classical, but some other is unclassifiable. I like many different styles and I won’t reject composing other kinds of music. I have been thinking of writing a traditional blues song for piano as an example.


What makes your music unique?

I’m not sure it’s unique, but I know it’s not the kind of music you can easily find anywhere. We all have lots of pop, rock and hip hop everywhere, but not this. My music may be a good choice for moments of relaxation, to make you feel happy or to make you cry.


What are your music influences?

Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Michael Nyman, Wim Mertens among many others.


So I got understand you are working on a new album, can you give us some insights? Is there any release date yet and how it has been the recording process?

I’m working on a solo piano album. My previous work was mostly based on multiple layers of repeated phrases, with some songs requiring several instruments and up to three pianos together at the same time. Now I wanted to make a set of pieces for just one player, starting with simpler, melodically oriented patterns and develop them. The album is titled “Solo Piano” and hopefully will be released in a few months.


Of all the songs you’ve recorded, what’s your favourite?

Personally I feel very happy with several solo piano songs from the next album, particularly one titled “The Path of the Inner Light”, but this song is not publicly available yet. From the available songs my favourite one is “Foggy”, where I combine guitar, bass and three piano tracks into a sequence of layers that create an intimate and evocative melodic texture.


Do you have any plans for the near future?

Release the “Solo Piano” album, write more music, write my blog (http://minimalism.jaloes.com/), continue learning and live happily.


What has been the greatest moment as a band?

Having a finished work in my hands after much time and effort. For me it is very pleasant and rewarding to create music and to find that people enjoy listening.


Personally, how you see the ambient and classic scene now in days? Do you think is growing?

There are incredible artists making awesome music in these styles, from pioneers of minimalism who are still on the top, to new musicians appearing every day with fresh contributions. Steve Reich and Philip Glass started to write music in the 1960s and they both keep on working hard today with new productions and live performances, making constant innovations and succeeding with young and old audiences. In Europe there are some very acclaimed and prolific artists who have reached great success and popularity for many years, like Wim Mertens, Ludovico Einaudi and Yann Tiersen.


Do you feel you are moving on the right direction?

Yes. I’m moving on the direction I want to go. I’m writing the music I want and I’m reaching more audiences each day. Many have told me they have found a lot of beauty in my music, and that makes me extremely happy.

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