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So who’s HoodGoodGoodie? What’s the story behind the name?

HoodGoodGoodie is simply a woman In Love With Music! Based on my name a lot of people probably think I’m just trying to be on some hard core/ghetto type phase….but it’s really a reminder for me in my heart -to stay focused, have a heart, be fair, never to become bitter over lack of anything, and that I need GOD to keep all of this in check. The name for me is in reference to overcoming being surrounded by so many negative things/people/situations/& relationships in life …and being able to still have a positive out look on life, still being able to love- & not having a bitter spirit ….I’ve always been a nice girl- have made mistakes in life ..nothing intentional to hurt any one – more or less of making mistakes cause I didn’t know any better or was trying to be grown type of thing ..- my name for me is just a reminder that “Good” things can come from the Hood – I’ve always been “Good” – We are all “HoodGood” …just gotta rise above the non-sense & get some of that G.O.D up in our life. And now just knowing how deep the non-sense goes …..I just really want to let every one know don’t count the HOOD out!!! We all sinners. I am not going to cast a stone at you cause I am not perfect ya dig …but I do got that “Good Good” …God guiding my steps and direction…just trying to get it right ~ that’s why I am HoodGoodGoodie- I’m going to analyze my actions to make sure I’m doing what’s right and fair….none of that grimey living lifestyle.

When you decided to make music?

Back in the early 90’s. Music was something me and my grade school friends played around with, but on my own time it developed to be an escape from reality. It became a way I could express myself, get things off my chess. I would have to say my interest for rapping and really making music sparked in 1995-1996, when Foxy Brown was really on the scene. Inspired by her boldness, and Lauryn Hills gift of being a rapper and singer, I picked up a pen and “Started to Express Myself”

Behind all that swearing in almost all your songs, is there any message you want to spread with your music?

My mission is to bridge the gap between the understanding that “Living your life for the Greater Good and being perfect past perfection” does not exist!! In my music I speak about God faithfully however my flaw ~swearing like a drunken sailor. That will not stop me from praising God nor being loved by him. So many people have the misconception you have to be perfect before letting God in their life, I’m just hear to shout out “it doesn’t matter what’s going on JUST TRY HIM!! STOP BEING EVIL AND LET’S DO GOOD. LET’S MAKE THESE CHANGES TOGETHER IS MY MESSAGE”

Temperamental. How was the process working on the album and how you came out with the name?

The process was really just me dealing with everyday emotions, trials and tribulations. I didn’t really have any set songs in mind to write about certain things, I literally put on a track and free-styled a lot of the process. I captured certain moments during freestyles, recorded them, and elaborated from there with a lot of the tracks. I came up with the name Temperamental ….because it was exactly what I was feeling at the time. Very unpredictable, like I wasn’t sure how I would react to anything, I was very irritable. One day I was sitting with my sister and I was explaining to her how I was feeling~ and the word just came to me. I told her “I am a nice person, I’m just Temperamental”. True Story – I didn’t exactly know if that was even a real word – (I do this a lot)…so I went and looked it up in the dictionary to see if I had said a real word. And behold it was right on point. So I ran with it~

What are your music influences?

My Music influence comes from dealing with every day life. God, My Love & Fear of him is what influences me most today. Any type of great positive music also helps. The heart ach of Love & Relationships. The reality of this world and the things that go on, Understanding Love and Hate.
What’s your favourite track from the whole album?

I would definitely have to say track 16. The song No No NO. I would say this is one of my more message driven songs that I really took the time to really analyze what I was saying. My blood, sweat, and tears are in that track.

Besides music, what else you enjoy spending time?

I enjoy spending time reading, mostly self help/spiritual driven books, researching topics of all kinds, love a good horror movie or non-fictional.

Are there any plans for the near future?

New Song & Video Single to be released March 2012 Entitled “Obama Drama” followed by release of “EP: Trust In God All Others Pay Cash” later in the year, no exact date yet. Right now my main focus for plans is gaining an audience, so that I can map out where to begin a tour and or set up gigs.

Do you think you are moving on the right direction?

Definitely think I am moving in the right direction ~decided that I would be making clean versions of all my New music to address the issue of kids not being able to listen nor attend my live shows. Not to mention, there are people in general who just don’t like to hear curse words and I have taken that into consideration. I feel like as long as I am not making HATE music, or talking about things that influence negative vibes or intentions, then I am headed in the right direction. But the fact that I truly am Temperamental leaves plenty of room for error, and I am okay with that cause like I will always say “I will never be perfect” only “strive to do my best”

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